As a teenager, what things do you do on your phone?

So all I do on my phone is :

  • Teams

Online lessons

  • Instagram

Scroling the home page, like other’s post and chat with my friends

  • Messenger

Chat with my friends

  • Quora

Answering questions and like other’s post

  • Pinterest

Looking for aesthetics photos and notes style ideas

  • Snapchat

Sending snap to my friends

  • Genshin Impact

My favourite game

  • Shazam

When I hear a song that I like but I don’t know what the title is I use this app to tell me the title

  • YouTube Music

Just listening to music

  • Fonts

? C??o??o??l?? f??o??n??t??s?? a??n??d?? e??m??o??j??i?? ? ^???^

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