Being someone who’s never played WOW personally, what are your thoughts on people leaving WOW for Final Fantasy XIV? Do you think this will force Blizzard to start taking WOW more seriously moving forward due to competition?

Over the years, WoW has released TONS of content through various expansions and patches. And considering the recent resurgence players have had with Classic and Burning Crusade, it’s even more reason to think that it’s still sitting strong.

WoW is an absolute titan of the gaming world. And it’s highly unlikely that it’ll be unseated any time soon. But yeah, they could learn from their competitions. And in truth they have.

Much like any other JRPG, CRPG (Chinese) or KRPG (Korean) that use a pet/companion system, WoW has also included this. It’s been implemented well enough and allows for a Pokemon battle type of system. It even has a good community going.

Recently there’s been talk of player housing much like various survival type of games and Genshin Impact. Presumably you’ll be able to collect resources like those game build your own home in different areas of the game. Image that this would have a profound impact on the style and look of your house as well.

So they’re clearly learning from their “competition”. I would say that this is indicative of them being very serious about moving forward.

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