Best Catalyst Users to Build in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has nine different Catalyst users currently in the game, so players may be struggling to pick which are the best to build for their team. Catalyst users tend to be great options for players looking for a good Support or Sub-DPS unit in Genshin Impact, and the release of the new Electro 5-Star Catalyst Yae Miko has only made this group of characters stronger.

Genshin Impact’s current Catalyst users include Barbara, Klee, Lisa, Mona, Ningguang, Sanganomiya Kokomi, Sucrose, Yae Miko, and Yanfei. The best Catalyst users consist of four 5-Stars and five 4-Stars, meaning most players will have at least a few units from this list on their account. Here are which characters players should build depending on what their party needs.

It’s important to note that while all these characters may use the same weapon type, certain Catalysts in Genshin Impact work better on certain characters. For example, DPS characters who are meant to be the team\’s damage dealers will often want a weapon with an ATK or Crit Rate/Crit DMG bonus stat. On the other hand, Healers will work best with a weapon that has an HP bonus stat. Of course, the best weapon for each character often depends on how their abilities work, so players should keep that in mind.

The Best Catalyst Users to Build in Genshin Impact For Each Role

Players looking for a character who can provide their team with some extra damage and functionality alongside their main damage dealer will want a Sub-DPS unit. In terms of Catalyst users, 5-Stars like Yae Miko and Mona are an excellent option for this. Yae Miko’s quick Elemental Skill cooldown allows her to keep enemies affected by Electro constantly, and her Elemental Burst deals a large amount of AoE Electro DMG in Genshin Impact to help finish off enemies quickly. Mona can use her Elemental Skill for crowd control. Her Elemental Burst significantly buffs the damage dealt by other party members, making her essential for players trying to one-shot bosses.

For free-to-play players who still don’t have any strong 5-Star units, there are a few catalyst users who can function decently as the Main DPS unit to carry the team\’s damage. The best options for these as of now are Ningguang and Yanfei. Ningguang has a shield that can protect the party from ranged attacks and buff the party’s Geo DMG, and her Elemental Burst also deals a large amount of damage. Paired with a 4-Star Geo support like Gorou, players are able to beat difficult content with Ningguang with ease. Yanfei has a high DMG output with her charged attacks, and as a Pyro character, she can proc strong elemental reactions with any Hydro or Cryo Sub-DPS characters.

When it comes to support characters, Genshin Impact\’s Sucrose is one of the best choices to consider. She boosts the party’s Elemental Mastery and can cause Swirl reactions that deal significant additional damage. However, her main appeal comes in the form of her Elemental Burst, which can easily group characters and deal massive Elemental damage, almost like a 4-Star version of Venti’s ultimate. Adding a well-built Sucrose to almost any Elemental-based team is a surefire way to beat end-game content with ease.

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