Best Genshin Impact Catalyst Characters To Use The Oathsworn Eye

Players in Genshin Impact can acquire the free 4-star Catalyst, the Oathsworn Eye, from the Three Realms Gateway Offering event. Travelers can participate in the Three Realms Gateway Offering until Version 2.6 is released. The new Catalyst is readily available from the event and can improve the performance of certain characters tremendously. Strong weapons are typically acquired through the gacha Wish system, so players should not pass up the opportunity to obtain the Oathsworn Eye while it\’s available. While there are many characters that can wield the armament, some Catalyst users benefit more than others, due to their high Energy cost skills.

Players can currently summon the Kagura\’s Verity on Genshin Impact\’s 2.5 Weapon Banner. While powerful, five-star weapons can be difficult to obtain, especially for free-to-play adventurers. Players that do not have enough Primogems or luck required to pull the Catalyst, can simply use the Oathsworn Eye as a replacement. This weapon is versatile and will benefit many different characters. No gacha is required to obtain the Oathsworn Eye, and the refinement materials are also earned from the event.

In order to acquire the new Catalyst, adventurers must upgrade the Bokuso Box to level four. Further ranks will award the Ointment of Sight, which is needed to refine the Oathsworn Eye. HoYoverse announced that Version 2.5 will end on March 30, 2022, meaning players have about a month left to complete Genshin Impact\’s Three Realm Gateway Offering. Adventurers have plenty of time to farm a total of 1380 Light Realm Sigils, necessary to upgrade the Bokuso Box to level 14 before the event expires.

Best Genshin Impact Characters For The Oathsworn Eye

The Oathsworn Eye comes with the amazing skill \”People of the Faltering Light.\” The in-game description for the ability reads that the Catalyst \”Increases Energy Recharge by 24% for 10s after using an elemental skill.\” At refinement level five, the bonus is upgraded to 48%. The Oathsworn Eye also features an Attack percentage increase to the wielder. While all Catalyst users can equip the weapon, high energy-cost characters, such as Yae Miko, receive the greatest benefit. Her Elemental Burst requires 90 Energy, sharing the highest cost in the game with Raiden ShogunGenshin Impact\’s Mona and Kokomi also benefit greatly from the high Energy Recharge of the weapon skill. The Oathsworn Eye allows players to focus on other valuable stats rolled on their artifacts.

The new Catalyst is extremely versatile and should be earned by all adventurers. Even if players are lucky enough to pull the Kagura\’s Verity from the Weapon Banner, the Oathsworn Eye is good to have for additional characters. Any Catalyst user that has a cost of 60 Energy or more will benefit the most from the weapon. Genshin Impact\’s Three Realm Gateway Offering Event will end on March 30, 2022, giving all players a chance to earn the free Oathsworn Eye this month.

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