Best Genshin Impact Characters At Full Constellation

Every gacha game has ways to keep pulling repeat characters from feeling disappointing, and Genshin Impact\’s method is through its Constellation system. Every time a repeat character is pulled, the character will receive an unlockable bonus to their strength (up to 6 times). These bonuses and talents vary between every character in the game, and some Constellation talents are very strong.

For some Genshin Impact characters, their best Constellation talents vary on how soon they are obtainable. For example, Hu Tao\’s arguably best Constellation talent is her Constellation 1 (C1) talent, which causes her charged attacks to cost no stamina during the duration of her Elemental Skill. And while the rest of Hu Tao\’s Constellation talents are indeed strong, the one that benefits her own personal output the most is her C1 talent, meaning that Hu Tao shines at C1, and players that do not get more Constellation talents after C1 are not missing out on the biggest upgrade for the character, which makes Hu Tao easy to build.

However, there are some characters who shine best at their full potential, and that would be when their Constellation 6 (C6) talent is unlocked in Genshin Impact. This is due to either several of a character\’s Constellation talents being strong or that their C6 talent is so strong that it takes the character up to a new level. Some C6 talents can change a character\’s playstyle completely, and others can simply greatly increase the character\’s damage capability. Some C6 talents are definitely stronger and stand out more than others, deserving special recognition for the extra diversity that it grants a character.

Xiao\’s C6 Lets Him Spam His Elemental Skill In Genshin Impact

While not all of Xiao\’s Constellation talents are mind-blowing, he has a couple that stands out. His C1 grants him an extra charge of his Elemental Skill to a maximum of 3, but his C6 is where Xiao\’s damage capability skyrockets. His C6 talent can be summarized like this: during Xiao\’s Elemental Burst, whenever his Plunging Attack hits 2 or more enemies, he is immediately granted a charge of his Elemental Skill and can use his Elemental Skill regardless of its cooldown. This means that every time Xiao hits 2 enemies with a Plunging Attack during his Burst, he can basically spam his Elemental Skill about 3 times before the next Plunging Attack.

This greatly boosts Xiao\’s damage output in Genshin Impact, as his Elemental Skill has pretty high scaling. Giving Xiao the ability to spam his Skill every second means that Xiao will be dealing so much more damage per second, as his damage comes not only from his plunging attacks but from his Skill since Xiao won\’t be using his Skill just to generate particles to recharge his Burst. Even though C6 on a 5-star character is a heavy investment, the amount of DPS increase that it gives Xiao is massive.

Ganyu\’s Charged Attacks In Genshin Impact Become An Instant Shot

Another character with a massive DPS increase at C6 is Ganyu since it makes her able to do her damage in a shorter amount of time. While Ganyu\’s other Constellation talents are strong as well, like decreasing opponents\’ Cryo Resistance and increasing the damage of her Burst, Ganyu\’s C6 is her best. Ganyu\’s C6 talent makes Ganyu\’s Frostflake Arrow Charged shots an instant shot after casting her Elemental Skill. And since Ganyu\’s C2 gives her an extra charge of her Elemental Skill, Ganyu players at C6 can press E, aim and let go for an instant Frostflake Arrow, and rinse repeat again. This rotation allows Ganyu to put out a lot of damage in a very short amount of time and makes an already incredibly strong character even stronger.

Fischl\’s C6 Makes Her An Amazing Support Character In Genshin Impact

Fischl is an incredibly popular choice as an Electro battery and support for Electro carries and for good reason. The main gimmick of Fischl\’s kit in Genshin Impact is to place her raven Oz on the field, which will passively attack the enemies around him. Oz creates a lot of Energy Particles during his time on the field and also deals a respectable amount of damage. This causes Fischl to be put on almost every Electro-focused team due to the Energy and off-field damage she can provide.

However, Fischl\’s C6 talent in Genshin Impact takes her niche and makes her excel even greater at it. Fischl\’s C6 talent extends Oz\’s time on the field by 2 seconds, which is already a huge increase, but it also causes Oz to perform joint attacks with the active character when he is on the field, the damage calculated by 30% of Fischl\’s Attack. This is a huge increase for Fischl since it greatly increases Oz\’s uptime and the damage that she can contribute to teams while off-field. Fischl\’s C6 solidifies her even more as an amazing support in Genshin Impact and a choice for anyone that wants to run an Electro DPS or an Electro-charged team comp.

Kazuha\’s C6 Unlocks His Main DPS Capability In Genshin Impact

Kaedehara Kazuha is an amazing Anemo support character in Genshin Impact, able to provide a large amount of Swirl damage as well as buff his team\’s Elemental damage. Kazuha is used in almost any type of team composition and can basically fit every team that he is put in due to his utility and damage capability. However, Kazuha\’s C6 talent allows players that own him to play him completely differently.

When Kazuha is at C6 and uses either his Elemental Skill or his Elemental Burst, his Attacks become infused with Anemo. This allows Kazuha to be played as a main DPS, allowing him to use his abilities and then use Normal and Charged attacks to deal a large amount of Anemo damage, and also further Swirling the Elements on the field. Pairing C6 Kazuha with other characters that give him constant Elements to Swirl makes Kazuha a very strong on-field DPS, which would not be possible without his C6 talent.

A lot of characters in Genshin Impact have fun and unique talents, but some characters have C6 talents that cause them to stand out more than ever before. Constellations that help characters adapt to new roles and playstyles are unique and fun, like Gorou\’s C4 making him able to fit the healing role. Hopefully, future Genshin Impact characters continue to receive a lot of unique Constellations, as being able to play characters more than one way adds a lot of diversity to the game.

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