Best Genshin Impact Characters To Creatively Kill Timmie's Pigeons

Timmie and his pigeons are a running gag in Genshin ImpactNot only is killing Timmie\’s pigeons fun and satisfying but it is also one of the most efficient ways to get Fowl. Fowl is used in many recipes and can be used to feed stray dogs around Teyvat. Furthermore, Timmie\’s imaginary friend is a Ruin Guard, and Ruin Guards, or any of the automatons including the new Ruin Serpent in the Chasm, are arguably some of the worst enemies in Genshin Impact, so players can kill Timmie\’s pigeons is just to spite him. When Timmie unleashes his Ruin Guard friend, players can be prepared with all the food cooked using fowl gained from his pigeons.

The lack of endgame content allows players to think of numerous innovative ways to torture Timmie. According to Teyvat Times Issue No. 01 officially published by HoYoverse, almost 80% of players replied \”There\’s not much I can do about it now\” when Timmie confronts the player for scaring away his pigeons. Timmie also has a fondness for ducks. So, if players are lucky enough to access the Commission in which they must feed the ducks at the lake, they can kill the ducks instead, and then trigger another Commission the day after. This will also allow them to obtain a hidden achievement called \”Taking Responsibility for Your Actions!\”

Aloy has a Genshin Impact utility Passive Talent called \”Easy Does It.\” When farming for fowl, players should be sure to place Aloy in the party so the passive talent could be in effect. Animals that produce Fowl, Raw Meat, or Chilled Meat will not be startled when party members approach them. This means that if Aloy is in the party, players can guarantee that their mission to rid Timmie of his pigeons will be a successful one. Here are some of the best characters and most creative ways to kill Timmie\’s pigeons in Genshin Impact.

Character Elemental Skills That Can Kill All Pigeons In One Swoop

Klee\’s Jumpy Dumpty may look cute, but it\’s actually devastating. It bounces three times before exploding into mines. The pigeons won\’t know what hit them. Albedo, who makes a reappearance in Genshin Impact 2.6\’s main event, has an Elemental Skill called \”Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma.\” It is the perfect catalyst for plunging attacks, but the skill itself can deal Geo damage in a massive AoE. The pigeons won\’t even have a chance to escape. Aloy herself can kill pigeons without the need for teammates using her \”Frozen Wilds\” Elemental Skill. These bombs made of ice are sure to freeze those pigeons dead.

A little water doesn\’t harm anybody. Too bad this doesn\’t apply to Childe\’s/Tartaglia\’s Elemental Burst, \”Havoc: Obliteration.\” The spouts of water should look refreshing, but they are actually deadly. All pigeons will die at the hands of Childe. Additionally, with Aloy in the party, Childe can simply walk up through the flock of pigeons and summon his Hydro-infused blades using his Elemental Skill without actually ever attacking with them. The animation alone will kill all those pigeons, and Tartaglia\’s powerful Genshin Impact lore will really show.

Keqing\’s Elemental Skill, called \”Stellar Restoration,\” can be used to teleport into the sky. Players can hold her Elemental Skill, aim toward an area in the sky above the pigeons, and release her Elemental Skill. There should be a Stiletto Mark on the spot that\’s hit. Then, they can press her Elemental Skill, and she will teleport to the Stiletto Mark. Then, Plunge Attack from there, and the pigeons will be killed with style.

Bows are the classic hunting weapon. From boars to birds, bows will get the job done. Yoimiya\’s Charged Attacks can burn up those pesky birds. Yoimiya, being a bow user, can attack from afar. Her second Normal Attack charge will deal Pyro damage. Likewise, Ganyu\’s second charged attack can deal AoE Cryo damage. With the proper aim, Ganyu can instantly kill Timmie\’s pigeons in Genshin Impact with one charged attack.

Character Elemental Bursts To Ensure Fried Chicken

Xiangling, Liyue\’s renowned chef and the star of Genshin Impact\’s National Team, has her classic method of making fried chicken. Players must place a portable waypoint near the end of the bridge. Xiangling will be at the other end. Once Xiangling\’s Elemental Burst, Pyronado, is activated, immediately teleport to the portable waypoint. If the timing is perfect, then the Pyronado should come toward Xiangling and fry all of Timmie\’s pigeons in its path.

Diluc\’s training to work at a KFC involves burning up pigeons with his Fire Bird. Diluc\’s Elemental Burst, called \”Dawn,\” summons a phoenix engulfed in flames that destroys everything in its flight towards the sky. It\’s survival of the fittest, and the weaklings must make way, proving his slot as one of the best Pyro characters in Genshin ImpactSimilarly, Fischl\’s Elemental Burst turns Fischl into a giant raven. She can also take down those pigeons using the power of flight. Players can show those pigeons who\’s the true monarch of the sky by flying straight toward them during Fischl\’s \”Midnight Phantasmagoria.\”

Kamisato Ayaka has an Elemental Burst that allows her to attack from afar. The snowstorm created by \”Kamisato Art: Soumetsu\” will slash at every enemy in its path. This gives Ayaka some range. Also, if Aloy is in the party, Ayaka can use her alternate sprint to sneakily get up and personal with those pigeons. Her brief burst of Cryo when she reappears should be enough to have those birds dead. Ayaka will make a reappearance in Genshin Impact 2.6\’s Hues of the Violet Garden event. This means that her banner is available in the second half of 2.6 for anyone interested in killing Timmie\’s pigeons Ayaka-style.

Timmie\’s Pigeons Cannot Escape A Genshin Impact Archon\’s Wrath

Birds are the masters of the sky and wind. Venti started a whole revolution in order to be able to see the birds in flight. Barbatos, the Anemo Archon, can bring those birds back down to earth with his Elemental Burst called \”Wind\’s Grand Ole.\” Its large AoE means that even if a bird managed to avoid the initial hit, it\’ll get sucked in by the Stormeye. Even birds must bow down to the God of the Wind. It\’s no wonder that Venti has one of the most useful Genshin Impact character bursts.

They say that birds are the living descendants of dinosaurs, and meteorites are what likely caused the extinction of dinosaurs. What better way to kill Timmie\’s pigeons than with Zhongli\’s very own meteor in Genshin Impact? Zhongli\’s large AoE Elemental Burst, called \”Planet Befall,\” is sure to turn those pigeons into food. In this case, Zhongli\’s \”I will have order!\” is perhaps describing his order for fried chicken.

Electric attacks are effective against flying types and it seems like this phenomenon applies to Genshin Impact as well. Despite being on the ground, they are not immune to electrifying shocks from the Raiden Shogun. That means Raiden Shogun\’s Elemental Burst, \”Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu,\” is a super effective method of killing Timmie\’s annoying birds. Consoling Timmie afterward or ignoring his protests is completely optional.

Killing Timmie\’s pigeons is one of Genshin Impact\’s best ways to pass time as players wait for their resin to restore. Perfecting every dish is also another goal that players can achieve. Regardless of people\’s many reasons for wanting to kill Timmie\’s pigeons, Timmie is another NPC that has their own backstory. Players may discover his past through the Commission \”Pigeons Go AWOL,\” but the Commission has to be completed under different circumstances. Genshin Impact is full of surprising details and lore about seemingly minor characters. Even with releases of new explorable regions, Timmie and his pigeons will always be there to welcome travelers.

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