Best Genshin Impact Hangouts To Start With

Best Genshin Impact Hangouts To Start With

One of the many activities players can do in Genshin Impact is hang out with playable characters in-game. These hangout events are side quests independent of Genshin Impact\’s storyline. However, it allows players a chance to see more of the characters’ motivations, personalities, aspirations, and more. They have branching paths and multiple endings, and are also replayable, allowing players to explore multiple outcomes.
In Genshin Impact’s hangout events, the Traveler interacts with whoever is the focus of the event. While the story quests are mainly for the 5-star characters, many of the 4-star characters have hangout events. Not every playable 4-star character has a hangout event yet, but there are still more to come. Some of the hangout events are better than others though, whether it is in terms of the content, quality of story, choices, or rewards.

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Unlocking all hangout events in Genshin Impact and getting all of the different endings can be time-consuming, so players may wish to know which are the best hangouts to do first. Ranking the hangouts is a difficult endeavor because it’s largely subjective. Every player has their favorite characters, so they should do those hangouts to experience more. Still, there are some hangout events that should not be missed.

The Best Hangout Events in Genshin Impact

Ningguang has an interesting hangout event in Genshin Impact. She is one of the most influential people of Liyue, having amassed enough wealth to build the floating Jade Chamber twice. Yet, despite all that, she is only a 4-star character, which means many players have her on their team. The hangout event tasks the Traveler to fill in as Ningguang\’s secretary and help plan out her day. There are several choices to make resulting in different endings, but players will get to see another side of Ningguang’s personality in her hangout event. She is more than simply a calculating businesswoman.

Bennett is another good choice f0r a hangout event to start with. As Genshin Impact’s unluckiest adventurer, journeying with Bennett is sure to be an experience. Whether it is enjoying a day off, or going on an adventure, there is misfortune to be had. Players can also learn more about Benny’s Adventure Team, and why Bennett is the only remaining active member. Despite his bad luck, Bennett doesn’t let it get his spirits down, and the lore behind him makes for an endearing optimist.
Speaking of spirits, Chongyun is another excellent choice. He is a somewhat bizarre person, which is saying a lot given the colorful characters in Genshin Impact. His oddness is likely due to his profession as an exorcist. Players undertaking Chongyun\’s hangout event have a number of places to choose from to hunt evil spirits, and learn more about Chongyun along the way. They find that he is dedicated to his profession, and there is more nuance to the Genshin Impact character than meets the eye.

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