Best Sword Users to Build in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has ten different Sword users currently in the game, and players may be struggling to pick which are the best to build for their team. Sword users tend to be some of the best picks for DPS and strong damage-dealing Support characters, and this cast of characters is only going to expand with the upcoming release of the Hydro Sword user Kamisato Ayato. So if players are looking for a character that can deal Normal Attacks quickly, choosing a Sword user is a great option.

Genshin Impact’s current sword users include: Albedo, Qiqi, Bennett, Traveler, Jean, Xingqiu, Kaedehara Kazuha, Kaeya, Kamisato Ayaka, and Keqing. This list includes six 5-Stars (excluding the Traveler) and three 4-Stars, but this list will let players know which units are best for whatever role the player’s party needs.

It’s important to note that while all these characters may use the same weapon type, certain Swords work better on certain characters. For Support characters who are most helpful with their Elemental Burst up at all times, players are going to want a Sword with an Energy Recharge. Characters who scale with ATK are going to work best with an ATK sub-stat Sword, and most Main DPS units will work best with a Sword that has either Crit Rate or Crit DMG.

The Best Sword Users to Build in Genshin Impact For Each Role

For players who need a new heavy-hitting character that deals as much damage as possible in Genshin Impact, they’re going to want a good DPS unit that can deal a large amount of base damage. In terms of Sword users, Kamisato Ayaka is a great option for this. As an S-Tier DPS, Ayaka’s abilities allow her to deal large amounts of damage quickly with her charged attack, and her Elemental Skill and Burst can wipe large amounts of enemies out in a flash. Additionally, when paired with a Hydro Support or Sub-DPS, players can keep enemies Frozen to deal extra damage easily.

For Free-To-Play players, Kaeya is another solid choice for an early game DPS. All players get Kaeya for free at the start of the game, and he can actually do a decent amount of Physical Damage with his rapid-fire Normal Attacks when his talents are ascended properly. He’s a solid investment for later-game players too, as his Cryo Elemental Burst makes him a great Sub-DPS for any Freeze or Melt team compositions.

In terms of Support units, Bennett and Xingqiu are some of the best choices in the entire game, and the fact that they’re both 4-Stars makes them extremely accessible. Bennett is considered to be the best Support in the game thanks to his ability to both heal the team and increase the team’s DMG, allowing him to fulfill the role of a Healer and Damage-booster as he allows Main DPS units to deal crazy numbers. Xingqiu is a Hydro unit who can also heal, but his main usage comes in his Elemental Burst, which deals continuous strong Hydro Damage, making him perfect to pair alongside a Pyro DPS for Vaporize reactions.

For players looking for a versatile unit, Jean and Kazuha are both great choices. Jean can serve as both a Main DPS and a Healer, making her a solid addition to any team struggling to beat some of the game’s content. Kazuha’s abilities are not only fun to play, but he allows players to group enemies together with ease, and his Elemental Burst provides great additional Swirl Damage for the Main DPS units of the team.

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