Biggest Reveals From The Genshin Impact 2.2 Livestream

The livestream for Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update revealed a lot of exciting new content for the game. The 2.2 patch comes after the game’s first anniversary, which caused quite a bit of controversy, and while the anniversary wasn’t the focus of this particular livestream, the Genshin Impact concert celebrating the game’s first year aired immediately following the announcements.

The 2.2 update will be the third Inazuma patch added to the game. Since the region’s Archon Quest ended in 2.1, this new update will have the time to focus on side characters and plenty of events. The limited banners for 2.2 were also announced: The first will be Tartaglia (aka Childe) and the second will be Hu Tao with Thoma. Hangout events will also be making a return, where players will be able to learn more about Thoma and Sayu.

This upcoming Genshin Impact update will bring the final island of Inazuma, Tsurumi Island. Not much is known about this mysterious island, which is surrounded by mist and fog, giving it a ominous appearance. The livestream also introduced the island’s new enemies: Rifthounds and Rifthound Whelps. These wolf-life creatures are different from what players have seen before, as they can vanish and reappear across the battlefield during combat. Rifthounds and Rifthound Whelps also apply the corrosion effect to players, regardless of their shields.

Genshin Impact 2.2: New Events & Gameplay

The 2.2 livestream announced some exciting new updates to the Serenitea Pot. Players will be able to switch to an Inazuma layout for their realms, which can be unlocked at level 40 of the Sacred Sakura Tree. There will also be new Inazuma-themed furniture that players can find around Tsurumi Island in new chests called Remarkable Chests. Players will also be able to obtain these blueprints from the Serenitea Pot shop and through certain World Quests.

The biggest focus of the 2.2 livestream was to discuss the new events. The first event, called “Labyrinth Warriors,” will bring Tartaglia and Xinyan to Inazuma. Players will need to navigate a mysterious domain will the help of a strange paper figure named Shiki Taishou. Players will be able to choose buffs to aid them on their quest. There will be several rewards available for this event, including a free copy of Xinyan.

The second event, called “Shadow of the Ancients,” will revolve around the mystery of Tsurumi Island. Players will need to complete commissions across Teyvat to learn how to defeat the Anomalous Model Ruin Grader. The event will have three parts: Investigative Surveys, Data Sampling, and Live Testing. This Anomalous Model Ruin Grader can regenerate, so players will need to discover how to stop this enemy for good. Rewards will include Primogems, Talent level-up materials, Mora, and more.

The next event announced in the 2.2 livestream is the “Tuned to the World’s Sounds” event. Players will need to master a new instrument called the Floral Zither, provided by Kazuha, in something of a rhythm game. With this Floral Zither, players will need to perfect their musical abilities by hitting certain notes at the right time. To add an extra challenge, players will be controlling their own instruments as well the instrument of the featured characters. Some of the characters that will be featured in this event include Zhongli, Ningguang, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Kamisato Ayaka, and the Raiden Shogun. The rewards for the event will include Primogems, Talent and character level-up materials, Mora, and more.

Another event coming in 2.2 is called the “Dreams of Bloom” event, where players will receive special Dreambloom flower seeds to grow in their Serenitea Pots. These Dreamblooms can be used to create new and unique furniture for the Serenitea Pot or can be given to friends. By participating in this event, players can get Primogems, Mora, character level-up materials, and more. And the last event announced for Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update is another Ley Line Overflow, where players will be able to receive twice the amount of rewards from Ley Lines three times a day.

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