Can you recommend me a free MMORPG newly released with new players (or as new as possible) on PC, fantasy-type (not like Eve, or Star Wars: TOR for example) and not Genshin Impact (not into anime stuff)? Thank you.

While not strictly perfectly free, I nonetheless recommend Final Fantasy XIV.

Despite being nearly a decade old, the graphics are still quite beautiful and they improve with each expansion as older technology (such as the ps3) no longer needs to be supported.

Further, the base game and the first major expansion (Heavensward) are free to play with some light restrictions (trial accounts have some restricted social features to avoid scammers using trial accounts to exploit and/or bot freely.)

Thus means you can play any class in the game and get them to level 60. You can play as any race except the Viera or Hrothgar (they’re tied to the latest expansion.) Once you hit level 60 on your first class, you can freely level every other class in the game to level 60 as well.

This trial gives you potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay between story, primary dungeons, optional dungeons, optional raid content, building alternate classes, mount farming, etc. Thanks to the free trial being so all encompassing, we still see large quantities of new players regularly and the community is very welcoming.

Although the game IS Japanese in origin, it is not a typically Anime style game — the graphics are more grounded and err closer to stylized realism than the exaggerated simplicity of traditional anime.

I suggest you give it a look. It is playable on ps4/ps5/PC and fully cross platform, and is pretty easy to new-player friendly.

If you do give it a look, I am on the Crystal data center, Malboro server. Feel free to join me there and reach out to me, and I’ll gladly friend request you and help out as needed.

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