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What the fans would love to see in the Genshin Impact anime adaptation

There has been a lot of excitement in the community since HoYoverse just revealed during the 3.1 update that Genshin Impact will get its own anime adaptation, albeit there are still a lot of unsolved concerns. It has been announced that Ufotable, the Japanese animators behind Demon Slayer, Fate/Zero, God Eater, and others will be […]

Genshin Impact Anime is announced in collaboration with Ufotable

HoYoverse’s popular game Genshin Impact just had the Livestream for version 3.1 of the game. The Livestream shared what the players would be getting into in the upcoming version: updates in the lore, new characters, and new bosses. But the biggest surprise that everyone got was the release of the trailer for Genshin Impact Anime. […]

Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy: Is ToF really the Genshin Killer

The global version of Tower of Fantasy crossed 10 million downloads in just 11 days. Players have been comparing the MMORPG with the HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact for a long time with some people also referring it to as Genshin Killer. In this Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy editorial, we will compare Tower of Fantasy […]

Genshin Impact fan makes an concept art of adult version of Paimon

Genshin Impact‘s world is made up of a plethora of characters. All the characters enjoy a massive following from fans all over the world. These character designs frequently act as a source of inspiration for fans which are then replicated by them by creating their distinct art from it. A new Reddit post has been on […]

Genshin Impact Voice Actor provides insight into the incorrect pronunciation of character names

Voice Actors adds to the essence of the gameplay of the famous Genshin Impact and it is really important that the voice actors pronounce the names of the characters in the game correctly. Voice direction and voice acting is one of the crucial elements to consider when it comes to the characters in Genshin Impact […]

Genshin Impact x Pizza Hut in China had to be shut down by the Police because of its popularity

Amidst the pandemic, Pizza Hut had recently launched the much-anticipated collaboration with Genshin Impact with photos of the decorations all over the Pizza Hut Gongti North Road Store. The decorations show giant illustrations of Amber and Eula who are reportedly the representative characters for the collab. In addition, Pizza Hut had also put out a […]

Fan imagines CJ from GTA San Andreas in Genshin Impact and the video goes viral

How would you feel if the characters from your favorite game suddenly showed up in another? That’s exactly what happened and CJ from San Andreas brought a storm in Genshin Impact. San Andreas is a beloved video game for many people, and CJ is one of the most iconic characters in the game. It’s been […]

Genshin Impact split screen co-op video left fans stunned

Genshin Impact, HoYoverse’s open-world RPG has been one of the most successful titles since its release engrossing over $3 billion only on the mobile platform. Set in the mystical world of Teyvat consisting of 7 nations, the game follows the story of the traveler who is separated from their sibling. The anime-styled visuals, the seamless […]