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Hey does anyone know free open world games my laptop could run? Or any open world free PC game that wouldn’t lag? Thanks!

If your looking for a free open world game, I can’t think of many off the top of my head but I would suggest Genshin Impact It’s a JRPG gacha open world game with a battle system of using elemental magic. You can unlock different characters to unlock many different abilities. The open world aspect […]

Why Upper Echelon Gamers put YouTube title “Immortal: Fenyx Rising – No Gacha Genshin”? He paid that game with 60$ to play without microtransactions, not Free to play Online service in game purchase! Not EA and 2K did those modern sport games.

For views. Being controversial and surfing on memes are the best ways to rack up views and followers on YouTube. That’s the whole point behind “clickbait” titles.

Can socialists play the Gacha game, for example, Genshin Impact?

Socialists aren’t vampires who will burst into flames if they play video games, no matter what the game. Socialists are human beings, and as such, they can make mistakes like any other human being, and they can intentionally do things that go against their ideals like any other human being. This is a silly question.

How do I activate equivalent exchange genshin?

Dhruval Patel: Steps Talk to Sara. Make a Satisfying Salad and give it to Sara. Obtain Good Hunter’s Specialty Dish. Talk to Flora. Answer: “Yes” to get Flora’s Bookmark immediately. Talk to Charles. Retrieve the cocktail ingredients. Obtain Strange Cocktail Ingredient. Defeat all the slimes. Talk to Charles. Talk to Viktor. Equivalent Exchange Talk to […]

Could grinding for loot in games be considered a form of gambling?

Could grinding for loot in games be considered a form of gambling? Well, it depends on what you are trying to prove. You can’t go broke grinding for loot. Unlike paying for lootboxes – that stuff is outright gambling. RPG loot does involve an element of random chance that provokes unhealthy behavior in people. Like […]

Who is your favourite Ben 10 villain and why (top 5)?

Who is your favourite Ben 10 villain and why (top 5)?

Everybody seems to be starting with their #1s so I guess I’ll do too. Honorable mentions: Khyber: LOVED the concept, LOVE the Nemetrix. Sadly his existence and the existence of the Nemetrix does kind of leave a plothole in the story and also discredits the Omnitrix by making all of them (save the Gourmands) prey. […]