Chinese people, what are some valid criticisms of the Chinese government?

My biggest complaint is that too many older generations in the Chinese bureaucrats often do things indirectly or directly that harm China. This probably is due their knees were broken by the huge gap between China and the West. This unconsciously and consciously causes most of the older generation to have a serious inferiority complex. The older generation has strange western obsessions including white worshipers, wanting praise from white people, wanting recognition from the West, etc.

  1. Chinese bureaucrats often give foreigners too much preferential treatment over their own people. For example, there was a trending news on Weibo about Japanese bike missing in China, then the Chinese police mobilized their manpower to find bicycles that had been lost throughout the night. Finally, the lost bike was found. Just imagine what if Chinese people lost their belongings, would the Chinese police do the same thing as Chinese police did to foreigners? What I don’t like is that things that affect the country’s image must be dealt with quickly, but people’s internal problems can be dealt slowly.
  2. China’s bureaucrats tend to be ineffective in dealing with situations it has never faced, so it needs intervention from the central government so that problems can be resolved. China’s bureaucrats often tends to wait for instructions from the central government even in urgent situations. For example, just look at how the Wuhan local government and the central government are handling the COVID pandemic and what is the difference between the two cases being handled by the Wuhan local government and central government. This is why the Chinese have higher trust in the central government than the local governments
  3. Most of the time, Chinese propaganda doing a favor for the west. They should really learn the art of Western propaganda that can brainwash people without being noticed. For example, negative foreign opinions about West are rarely allowed to air in Chinese domestic media. Just imagine how If the Chinese never left the country, they would live their whole lives thinking that all foreigners have nothing but warm fuzzy feelings about China and the Chinese people. It’s only when Chinese spend time abroad that they realize just how much anti-China vitriol there is out there. Only the Trump administration started a crusade against China, everything changed. This situation has shown the incompetence of Chinese propaganda that Chinese propaganda is too naive and stupid about politics.
  4. Back then, there were too many loser foreigners often English teachers in China especially in 2000s to 2019. I don’t know why so many loser foreigners can made their way into China at that time. Recently, the Chinese government has started to impose stricter rules for foreigners who want to come to China. But it also has negative effects too, many loser foreigners suddenly become unable to meet conditions of requirements so they have to return to their own countries, who knows that loser foreigners back in their own countries suddenly become “China Watcher” in the West. But there are drawbacks too, especially if loser foreigners have a couple so that they can stay in China through spousal sponsorship or has the validity period of the visa based on the approval results from 2000s to 2019 which is not as stringent as it is today. This is because of the incompetence of Chinese bureaucrats. If you were a foreigner, especially white people in China at that time, I’m sure you would often come across Chinese bureaucrats often asking stupid questions like how to attract foreigners to come to China, do you have a Chinese husband/wife, and so on. It’s common in the older generation, although it’s been decreasing.
  5. China’s bureaucrats are often inflexible in dealing with censorship on Chinese social media. Often, materials that doesn’t fall into the category of censorship is often censored by the stupid Chinese bureaucrats. It seems that no matter what, for the Chinese bureaucrats what is important is work and work. Even though, China can create soft power that is popular in the world for example Genshin Impact, Tik Tok, and etc. Yet, the National Radio and Television Administration still censors instead of promoting Chinese entertainment to the world, it hinders China’s soft power. This is due to the old generation of bureaucrats has an old-fashioned mindset and does not want to adapt to the existing situation. If they are open minded, I think they will make an age rating classification. In China, it is often one system for all systems regardless of age.
  6. Etc.

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