Could you please do a profile analysis of Kiyu Ahn?


Could you please do a profile analysis of Kiyu Ahn?
Could you please do a profile analysis of Kiyu Ahn?

Small note~

Listen to hundred advices but at the end do what you want and what your heart says. These are just my suggestions if you like it , you can incorporate them. 😀


? I like your Answers. You explain your point well which is a major plus.

? Your answers are neat. You don’t overdo things which is good.

? Your answers are funny as well. You include relevant images and memes therefore reading through it is enjoyable.

? You also seem to be an approachable and sweet person.

? Your credential (general)about genshin impact is really funny and creative.

? I like your profile pic as well uwu.


? Your bio is short and simple with all the basic information from the group you Stan till the “request for questions” part.

I do agree that writing a bio is really difficult and I suck at that for sure ;—;


? Grammatical errors:

  • Abbreviation: You tend to use a lot of abbreviation like “u” and “ur” “4″ , I have used it in the past and trust me it isn’t that proffesional. Many people don’t know a lot of abbreviations as well. Using abbreviations in post is fine but not In an answer.
  • Spellings: You do tend to make minor spelling errors. It’s for sure that we can’t spot it while posting the answer / post therefore, edit it two to three times before posting or after posting.
  • General Grammatical errors: “I” needs to be capitalized at all times and the first word of a new sentence , nouns , first word after a period etc needs to be capitalized. Also Make use of period “.” instead of a lot of commas.

? Cursing:

Cursing is really fine , in a funny answer it adds on to the humour but not in a serious one or in every paragraph cause it might be a turn off sometimes.

? Answer presentation:

Make use of numbers or symbols to differentiate your points from one another and to keep a count on number of points. It also makes it look more neat and presentable.

? Bio:

  • I personally don’t like using a lot of emotes. It might be attractive for many but I don’t really prefer them. If you want to, you can have similar kinds of emotes so that it works as a clickbait and make your bio look more neat.
  • If you want to , you can create a themed bio with a matching header and stuff.

? You can add more credentials ( main ones). I barely notice any credential but I think they’re important.

? Try to be a little regular if you’re not on a break. It helps you to get noticed.

You didn’t have a lot of answers so I couldn’t do it in detail, I’m Sorry 🙁

Overall: You seem to be a very nice and friendly person with good answers.

That’s it ~

I hope this was helpful 🙂

Have a good day

Could you please do a profile analysis of Kiyu Ahn?
Could you please do a profile analysis of Kiyu Ahn?

~a loyal taehyung simp

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