Creating Domains In Genshin Impact May Change The Game Forever

Throughout past updates, Genshin Impact has introduced creative outlets like the Serenitea Pot, and the 2.5 update will provide another in the form of the Divine Ingenuity Event that could change the game forever. In the event, players are able to make their own obstacle course and can share their domains with other players after completing the prerequisites. This Mario Maker-style event has the potential to introduce brand new ideas and events to Genshin Impact, assuming HoYoverse makes it a permanent feature or introduces similar mechanics in the future.

Many players have found their homes in housing as a creative outlet and as something to do while waiting for new events and character banners. In previous updates, Genshin Impact has already introduced minigames players can implement in their teapots to play by themselves or with friends, and many players have already built obstacle courses and racetracks in their Serenitea Pots. However, not everyone has been attracted to the housing system. Now, the ability to make domains and obstacle courses opens Genshin Impact to wider possibilities for future events, both in-game and in HoYoverse’s marketing.

In many games that offer customization, strong communities and their members have been able to create some incredible custom designs that even border on being their own original games using other assets. If the playerbase has a strong reaction to the Divine Ingenuity Event, it could become a permanent feature of Genshin Impact and so many new obstacles and mini-games could be made by fans, for fans. With more fine-tuning, monsters could end up being added in the future which would only expand the possibilities further. Previous limited-time features and games like the Genshin Impact Windtrace Event were inspired by other existing games and have been well received in the past – but not enough for HoYoverse to implement them permanently.

Divine Ingenuity Makes Genshin Impact Even More Of A Sandbox

Mario Maker has been holding contests for gamers who enjoy designing obstacle courses and challenges for others, and with these player-made domains in Genshin Impact being open for others to join, a future contest could be in the works. The domains will already be published and open for other players to try, so adding competition would push players to come up with some really creative ideas. Similar to the official Genshin Impact fan art contests, Primogems or other cash prizes could be an excellent reward to motivate players to join. These contests would also be great for marketing, giving communities around gameplay customization another option to play and continue to promote the game and bring in new players.

Another reason why this event could change the game is that it could be foreshadowing for what\’s to come in Sumeru. Similar to how the Golden Apple Archipelago introduced waveriders that are now a permanent feature, the Divine Ingenuity Event could introduce new mechanics and ideas that will be brought back when players finally go to the Dendro region. This could be because Sumeru is the land of scholars and the Dendro Archon is also the God of Wisdom, meaning there could be brand new puzzles the game is preparing players for.

Ultimately, the Divine Ingenuity Event is still limited and will be phased out at the end of the 2.5 patch. That doesn\’t mean HoYoverse won\’t bring it back in a rerun or introduce it as a permanent feature in the future, but it means it will be yet another event with a lot to offer for veteran players that won\’t be available on a longer-term basis. This is a continuing trend of potential endgame content like Labyrinth of Warriors and Windtrace only being limited to a certain amount of time and players being left uncertain when they will play these events again. Genshin Impact\’s Divine Ingenuity Event has so much to offer, but only if the developers are able to listen to player feedback and finally make a limited-time event a permanent part of the game.

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