Do Genshin players self-insert themselves as the MC?

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I can’t answer for everyone, but I personally don’t, and I think most of the people I know don’t either. (Though some identify with or imagine themselves as other characters).

It’s actually one of the few gripes I have with the game – I’d personally prefer it if the Traveller was a more developed character in their own right, and the name we use was just a username or account name. I’d love to see more expression, more relation to the storyline from them, and it bugs me a little every time I see “Traveller” or “MyName” instead of an actual name. (It’s a very, very minor quibble, but it does break immersion for me).

Personally I think self insert characters work better with a completely blank slate. (Like Skyrim, for example, where the character is completely yours to create with a completely unknown backstory). Where the MC is an established character in their own right (as Aether & Lumine are), allowing a changeable name and removing voice lines doesn’t really allow for self-insertion, but instead adds a touch of awkwardness into the script and makes the MC seem more bland. (And undercuts the impact of emotional moments IMO, like the recent “we will be reunited” storyline quest).

That comes off more negative than I feel. I love the game, and both Aether and Lumine – I just feel that I’d like to see more of both of their characters.

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