Do you know Genshin Impact? What is your view until now?

Yes, I’ve been playing since the pre-registration grand opening of the game.

As to my views on the game?

I think it’s really fun.

The combat feels just deep enough to make you think creatively about your moves while being shallow enough to make it approachable to a newcomer.

The story is pretty good as well, I do hope they keep everything tied together as time goes on. As of now the story isn’t too long, you can knock it out in a week if you’re diligent enough. The story is also unfinished up till this point. Parts are broken into chapters by which certain chapters require a certain rank to do.

The characters are all unique. Each has their own story and purpose. They all play a part in the story somehow. Some you’ll meet along your journey. Most characters fall into the same basic classes, light, heavy, mage, bowstaff, and archer. They also specialize in different elements, air, water, fire, earth, electric, plant, and ice.

Where they differ is their abilities in combat. Each character interacts differently with their environment. How you exploit this is part of the fun of Genshin Impact. It’s fun to figure out how to fight different enemies and conquer bosses.

My only complaint is that eventually you’ll run out of things to do if you’re a completionist and don’t take your time. There’s also the limitation on how many items you can get from bosses using a system called resin. Apparently at a high enough level resin becomes invaluable as it takes real world time to generate it. This means you can only farm for so long before stopping. There’s also the fact that certain drops only come from weekly bosses that don’t reset till the end of the week.

So overall, I recommend the game. It’s a bit gacha in certain places but there’s plenty to do in the world to distract you for a time. Play to have fun and you shouldn’t be too bored while they roll out updates.

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