Does level matter in Genshin impact?

Yes, every level matters in Genshin, since you either get stronger, and also affects other stuffs:

  • Higher character level means that you unlocked their ascension skills (2 skills available), and also ascension bonus stat (differs on each character)
  • You also need to have similar level like your enemies if you want to stagger them (20+ level difference = can’t flinch them)
  • Higher weapon level means higher damage
  • Higher talent level mean it’ll deal more damage, and also more effective in supporting (e.g heal/buff effects)
  • Higher AR level unlocks new quests, features, bosses, and dungeons
  • Higher AR level also means better rewards from quests, and leyline outcrops
  • Higher world level means better chance to get high level items (*4 or *5 artifacts, elemental stones, etc)

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