Does the Travelling Doctor set in Genshin Impact heal all party members or only the wearer?

Only the wearer is healed. All artifacts (as far as I know) only affect the wearer, not the party.

The healing is helpful if you yet to have a healer in your party, so I recommend you equip at least one Travelling Doctor artifact for each character.

List of Travelling Doctor artifacts if you need it:

  • Flower of Life (Travelling Doctor’s Silver Lotus)
  • Plume of Death (Travelling Doctor’s Owl Feather)
  • Sands of Eon (Travelling Doctor’s Pocket Watch)
  • Goblet of Enotherm (Travelling Doctor’s Medicine Pot)
  • Circle of Logos (Travelling Doctor’s Handkerchief)

All of these are part of the Travelling Doctor’s artifact set in Genshin Impact. Hope this helped!

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