Epic History

Big Picture: Magical technology changes society wiping away the old values. 


Yes – Oppressive Governments, Ghosts, Planar Portals?, Non Traditional Races, Dragon Overlords, War, Scarcity.

No – Unicorns, Gods/Divine Magic, Time Travel, Brothels, bird houses.


Foci: Dragons forge new nations, The last great war. The oppression of mortal’s basic rights, <Insert name of secret organization here>, G-g-g-g-g-hosts!, The City of Haven, Ghost’s Revival, The First Dragon.

Start Period: Mortal mages pierce the barriers between worlds, leading to an invasion by Dragons. (Vaguely reminiscent of Dragonlance) 

Event: After the first Dragon went through the portal it was brutally murdered by the Mages that open said portal.

Scene: What were the real intentions of that dragon? The Chromatic Dragon that cross over for the first time, was looking for assistance from the beings that inhabited the world on the other side of the portal.

Event: The bones and hide of the first dragon are fashioned into powerful magical artifacts, including the Void Blade.

Scene:What happened to these artifacts? Their powers were yet to be explored since the chromatic dragons soon retaliated and came through the portal. The artifacts were taken by a trusted member of the <Secret Coalition> to prevent the dragons from retrieving them.

Scene: What are the powers of the Void Blade? When a living thing is slash by this magical sword all of it’s energy, and soul is absorbed and store inside the sword itself.

Event: Those responsible for the planar portals come together and form <Secret Coalition> against the dragons.

Scene: What was the first blow struck against the dragons? The planar portals were closed and sealed forever, trapping the dragons on our world and cutting them off from their supply lines.

Event: The dragons immediately retaliate and kill the leaders of the <Secret Coalitions> only for them to rise as ghosts and lead in undeath. 

Period: New ghosts become spectators of this ravaged world, as they try to find a way to make an impact. 

Event: The ghosts of <Secret Coalitions> let the rest of the coalition know that they are well and ghostly. And to hang tight while they try to research and discover their possibilities in this new form.

Scene: Do the dragons know that the leaders they killed are still present as ghosts? No, they are yet unaware of the side-effect of the portals closing. 

Scene: Can the Ghosts influence the physical world? No, they are unable to interact directly with the physical world, but they are able to manipulate energy and make contact with the living at their own discretion.

Event: Other ghosts start rallying behind the leaders of the <Secret Coalition>, which allows a larger network of communication from the leaders to the rest of the coalition. 

Scene: How is the <Secret Coalition> effective now? The Leaders are relaying messages to members to do their dirty work. To avoid suspicion from the dragons, they are hiding out in a cavern and using other ghosts as messengers. Only these messengers, know where they are. 

Event: The souls of those have died and remain as Ghosts are unaware that they are   being manipulated to serve the purposes of an even higher power. 

Scene: What / Who is this being? There are actually competing being’s, which serves to keep the forces in balance. A human wizard who has used the death process to prolong his own life, as well as a dragon who is using the undead themselves in an effort to propel himself to “godhood”. 

Period: Metallic Dragons found the metropolis of Haven in the human kingdom of Rogan.

Event: Mortal races invited to dwell within the city underneath the dragon’s rule.

Scene: How do citizens react to food rationing in Haven? The citizens riot until law enforcement starts using lethal force. The citizens have now created an underground market that can only be accessed if you know the right people.

Event: Mortal races begin to disappear, unbeknown to them the dragons are eating them.

Scene: Is there anything being done about this? No. The new “law enforcement is more worried about finding out the smuggled food and underground market. The rights of mortals are negligible.

Event: The souls of those being eaten rise to seek revenge.

Scene: Why are the Ghosts appearing on this world? Closing the planar portals prevents the souls of those that die to pass to the next plane of existence forcing them to wander on this world.

Event: Humans start building shrines where they ghosts of particularly notable or wise people reside so people can go and ask them for advice/knowledge.

Event: Human nations combine into one, ruled by the Metallic Dragon council with Haven as its capital. Nobility is dissolved.

Scene: How do the nobility handle the loss of their power? They ally with the Chromatics out of frustration and anger.

 Period: The black dragons, led by Rhaegos Bringer of Death, enslave the dwarven race.

Event: An enslaved mining camp is established on Vraks Mountain.

Scene: What is this camp digging for? They are searching for a magical artifact that would be able to restore the proper flow of life and death, returning the balance of power while circumventing the aims of the “God Dragon” 

Event: <Secret Coaltion> begins smuggling refugees out of the Vraks compound.

Scene: Do these refugee’s bring intel on the activities of the black dragon or does he act with impunity? He actually manages the camp in such a way that the slaves are fully unaware what he is searching for, merely that he is digging in that specific location for something in particular. 

Period: Meanwhile, the white dragons are hosting goblin hunting tournaments for the fun of things. 

Event: Goblins are spreading across the world, running for their lives. 

Scene: Goblins suck. 

Period: Dragons begin converting mortals into Dragonborn.

Event: Fear of becoming dragonborn sparks rebellion in the mortal races.

Scene: What was the result of rebellion? The rebellion was quickly squashed into the ground. The races were too disorganized to do anything. 

Event: <Secret Coalition> Finds a way to free the Dragonborn from the control of the Dragons.

Event: In doing so, a newly born race of uncertain alignment is left to shape the fates of the realms. 

Period: The green dragons, led by Koventh the Cruel, enslave the elven kingdom.1

Event: The ancient forest homes of the Elven people are consumed for the Dragon war machine.

Scene: What powers the Dragon War Machines? The green dragons discover that after death, Elves’ Souls possess a unique ability to interact with objects across planes. This power is harnessed by the green dragons which allow the Dragon War Machines to have the ability of plane manipulation. They teleport across battle and create distortion fields. The green dragons are harvesting elves for souls.

Event: The elven Prince’s from before the nobility disenfranchisement leads a rebellion within forest realms in an effort to free their people and reclaim their homeland. 

Scene: What are the end goals of the princes? Are they planning to share power in the end? No, one of the princes is secretly allied with Koventh and is using the rebellion as a method to lure the strongest of the elven souls into the dragon war machines. 

Period: The Metallic dragons, seeing that their numbers are diminish after months of war with the Chromatic dragons, call for a truce with the other side ending on a summit on Haven where a non aggression treaty is signed.

Period: The war reignites.

Event: Haven is devastated by magical explosion, Chromatic Dragons blamed but it was secretly <Secret Coalition> to restart the war and end the dragons for good.

Scene: At this point, although the dragons may be eliminated, how would the humanoid populations survive? Would this speed up the creation of “loyal” dragonborn as shock troops? Yes, the humanoid population would suffer greatly, leading to the question of the remaining humanity of those <Secret Coalition> members. 

End Period: The death of the last dragon.

Event: Mortal races meet in secret and plot to betray and kill the dragons.

Event: The Last encounter between the Metallic and Chromatic dragons.

Scene: How did the dragons die? The Human race find a way to influence the dragons to annihilate each other, and then they unite against the last few remaining dragons to free themselves.

Scene: How are the Dragons influence to annihilate each other? The <Secret Coalition> using their powers from the spiritual world can implant ideas into their minds .

Event: The end of all Magic

Scene: How did all magic end? That’s the cost for exterminating the dragons, their souls and energy were what grant power to magic it self and with the death of the last of them the end of all magic come to pass.

Scene: How would this affect the <Secret Coalition> & Other Ghosts? Although many pass onto the next life, those who have managed to survive for a long enough period with enough power yet remain. 


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