Every Drama Theatre Location in Genshin Impact

Finding Every Drama Theatre In Genshin Impact

After completing \”Immernachtreich Apokalypse,\” Fischl\’s Event Quest in Genshin Impact\’s Summertime Odyssey, the Traveler will have access to the World Quest, \”Drama Phantasmagoria: Tale of the Sword-Wielding Princess!,\” during which the player must search for three drama theatre locations. This World Quest begins within the castle at the center of Twinning Isle, the large island formation on the northeastern side of the Golden Apple Archipelago. Here, Paimon and the Traveler will encounter the Twighlight Theater Head, a Raven Statue NPC who wishes to offer a free performance of the Twighlight Theater\’s grand play.

To progress through \”Drama Phantasmagoria: Tale of the Sword-Wielding Princess!,\” the Traveler must first interact with the Noticeboard at the entrance of the Twighlight Theater\’s site. After watching the first half of the performance, the player will be tasked with finding the correct cast of Raven Statues to place onto the scene. Hints about the correct positions of the cast can be received from the Twighlight Theater Head. Of course, none of the statuettes are mechanically mobile but will instead guide the player through the story in an audible manner.
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After completing the Prelude of the Golden Apple Archipelago World Quest in Genshin Impact, the Traveler must travel to three locations of the Twighlight Theater\’s play and help the theater head \”Finish acting out the Interlude\” three separate times. Unfortunately, many fans might find the lack of engaging activity during this quest quite toilsome. Yet, the entire experience is voice acted and offers a charming photo album screenshot as a reward for completing the Final Act.

Finding Every Drama Theatre In Genshin Impact

Every Drama Theatre Map Location in Genshin Impact

The first location of the drama theatre of the \”Finish acting out the Interlude\” objective in Genshin Impact is near the southern beach of the large southeastern island. More specifically, the Twighlight Theater will be set up directly south of the nearby castle\’s bottom-left tower. If players check the map, they should be able to spot a purple rectangle sticking out from under the elevated ridge in the south.

The second drama theatre location is on the northern main island in Genshin Impact, where the World Quest initially began. Look for the theater site along the southeastern trail between the castle and southern ridge. Finally, Travelers can find the third Twighlight Theater\’s location on the westernmost island of Twinning Isle. Check the map to see a large purple rectangular sitting at the base of the northern side of the small islet\’s central peak.

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