Every Genshin Impact Character Leak That Isn't Officially Confirmed Yet

The most exciting part of Genshin Impact is its characters, and any leaks around which ones are coming next is of prime interest to fans, even when developer miHoYo doesn\’t provide official confirmation. This free-to-play RPG offers a ton of features such as events and new explorable regions that are added every patch, but characters are by far the most anticipated. There is already a large roster of characters, and it is only going to keep growing as more and more regions are released. After all, Genshin Impact is a gacha game, and it makes the most money by selling chances at its characters.

Genshin Impact currently has 43 playable characters, with 20 of them being 5-star characters and the remaining 23 characters being 4 stars. 15 of those 20 5-star characters can only be obtained through promotional wishes. This means that they are available in the gacha system only for a limited amount of time. If players were unable to retrieve them, then they must wait for their rerun, which is usually over 6 months. However, not being able to play them does not mean they are out of options. There will always be more characters to choose from.

Each character\’s unique personality and combat skills offers new playstyles for fans. There are new characters released about every 6 weeks. A character is predicted to be playable if they have a vision, a different look from the mundane NPCs, or a voice line about them from other characters. Playable characters are categorized by their Vision element, region, affiliation, and weapon type. Genshin Impact leaks, which help the game and add excitement, allow fans to wait for their desired character, despite not having much information about them. Here are some of those characters so far.

Genshin Impact Characters From Inazuma Will Make A Reappearance

It seems like the next character banners in Genshin Impact patch 2.4 will be Liyue characters, in tandem of Lunar New Year, as seen in officially confirmed characters Shenhe and Yun Jin. So, it is possible that the next banners in 2.5 will be Inazuma characters. A new voice line of Gensin Impact\’s playable character Kamisato Ayato has been teased in Arataki Itto\’s official character teaser. This may point to his release date sooner rather than later. There hasn\’t been any leaks towards his character design, but many fans are predicting his design to be very similar to his sister, Kamisato Ayaka. Leaks point toward his weapon of choice as a sword, but his Vision element still unknown. However, it has been mentioned that he was not the original owner of his Vision.

Another highly anticipated character from Inazuma is Yae Miko, the overseer of the Narukami Shrine. She has been a significant character in the main storyline since the beginning, often appearing to help out the protagonist. Her pink hair with fox ears and mysterious personality makes her another fan favorite. Many players were hoping for her immediate release when Inazuma was first introduced. It seems like the wait for miHoYo to add Yae Miko to Genshin Impact may be over. She wears her Electro Vision as an earring. She may be a catalyst user. Considering the timeline and roadmap for the next banners, it is possible that she might come with Kamisato Ayato in 2.5.

In addition, there seems to be many other Inazuma characters potentially leaked, such as Shikanoin Heizou and Kuki Shinobu. Shikanoin Heizou\’s design has yet to be leaked, but many characters mention his cunning and dislikable personality, indicating that he has something up his sleeve. It seems like he will be wearing a Tenryou Commission uniform but in a very odd way that makes him stick out like a sore thumb. Due to the current politics and state of affairs of Inazuma, it will be very interesting to see where his character lies. There hasn\’t been many leaks nor much buzz in the fandom about about Kuki Shinobu, who is also from Inazuma. Voice lines from Arataki Itto and Sayu suggest that she is Arataki Itto\’s sidekick that gets him out of trouble.

Genshin Impact Characters With Dendro Vision

The Dendro element still isn\’t playable in Genshin Impact. Players can only encounter this element through Slimes and Samachurls. Baizhu, who has been seen in the main storyline, has yet to be officially teased, but players can clearly see his Dendro Vision displayed proudly. He has a talking snake wrapped around his neck named Changsheng, who has a bit of an abrasive but proud personality. People are predicting that he will be a catalyst user, and since there hasn\’t been any male catalysts users in the game so far, he will definitely be an interesting character to use. Baizhu is often seen together with Qiqi, who works at his pharmacy.

Likewise, Yaoyao has been teased since early of this year, with her official design already released in one of miHoYo\’s official art. She shares the same body model of Qiqi, Sayu, Klee, and Diona, which is of a female child. She has light brown hair with two giant bells that look like buns. Her Vision is also Dendro, but it may be a long while until she becomes playable. Official character voice lines indicate her close relationship with Xiangling and Ganyu, whom she has trained under.

The introduction of all seven Archons is always exciting for fans of Genshin Impact. The question of whom the Genshin Impact Dendro Archon really is still lingers in many players\’ mind. They are referred to as the \”Lesser Lord Kusalani\” or as the \”God of Wisdom.\” They are the youngest of all the current seven Archons, being only 500 years of age when compared to the two eldest, Zhongli and Venti, who are both over 2,000 years old.

Additionally, players have not seen the last of Genshin Impact\’s Liyue. A character named Yelan has been leaked and mentioned several times across the fandom but there also hasn\’t been any leaked design. Her weapon and Vision are still unknown. Many players are predicting that she may share a design to Fu Hua from Honkai Impact, miHoYo\’s other free-to-play game.

Genshin Impact Characters From Beyond

There also many characters mentioned in the game and across the fandom whom players will meet even further into the land of Teyvat. Arlecchino has consistently been mentioned among fans as another Fatui Harbinger. Much like all the other harbingers introduced so far: Tartaglia, Scaramouche, and La Signora, Arlecchino has an Italian name. Tartaglia is the only playable harbinger so far. There is no leaked design or voice tease, but any Fatui Harbinger is sure to have fans. Likewise, Varka has been mentioned in multiple characters\’ voice lines. He seems to be very well-respected and highly regarded amongst the citizens of Monstadt. Even Tartaglia, who is from Snezhnaya, wants to have a chance to spar with him.

Dainsleif, whom the protagonist meets a few times in the game, is the narrator of the Genshin Impact\’s game trailer and \”Collected Miscellany\” series. He seems to know everything about everyone. He journeys with the protagonist a few times. Dainsleif explains that his hometown, Khaenri\’ah, has been destroyed by the seven Archons and is acquainted with the traveler\’s twin sibling, much to the main character\’s shock. He has been announced as playable for over a year, but it will most likely be a long significant amount of time before he actually becomes available.

Finally, Genshin Impact\’s official game trailer revealed the important characters of each region. Diluc was Monstadt\’s, Liyue had Ningguang, and Kamisato Ayaka was Inazuma\’s. In the main 12-year storyline of Genshin Impact, Sumeru seems like the next destination, and it seems like Cyno is the main character here. Fontaine is after that, a region supposedly based off of France, and Lyney and Lynette are the featured characters. They seem to be a pair of magician twins, the brother playing the role of master magician, and the sister playing the role of a magical animal, in this case, a cat. The region of Natlan reveals Iansan, with rumors pointing out a new possible hand to hand combat melee class. Lastly, the cold region of Snezhnaya will have Pulcinella, who has ties to the Fatui. It seems that there will be lots of new characters and possibly new weapons to look forward to.

However, these Genshin Impact characters are still at the mercy of RNG, so many players will not have a chance to obtain them. People will pull for the characters the most, but the question of how much they are willing to spend for all characters is a valid question to think about. Although there is a pity system, it still requires a ton of Primogems to be guaranteed the promotional character. There is always a thrill to collecting all characters and playing around with team builds for all of them, but one must keep the Genshin Impact low drop rates in mind when trying to maximize the character\’s potential.

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