Every Special Character Outfit In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact introduced cosmetic character outfits in Version 1.6 this past summer, and Version 2.4 is adding two more to the list. During the Echoing Tales summer event, Barbara\’s Summertime Sparkle outfit was available for free after achieving certain objectives, and Jean\’s Sea Breeze Dandelion was available for a discounted price. The upcoming Lantern Rite event repeats this pattern, where Ningguang’s new outfit, Orchid’s Evening Gown, will be redeemable for free. Keqing’s new outfit, Opulent Splendor, will cost Genesis Crystals, but will temporarily be on sale for a discount during the Lantern Rite.

The Echoing Tales event is now long past, but players can still purchase Barbara and Jean\’s cosmetic outfits with Genesis Crystals. Both costumes currently cost their full price of 1680 premium currency apiece. During Genshin Impact\’s 2.4 Lantern Rite, Keqing\’s Opulent Splendor will become available for purchase and be discounted to 1350 Genesis Crystals for a limited time.

The Fleeting Colors in Flight update will bring this year\’s Lantern Rite festival, a celebration that honors the heroes that risked their lives to protect Liyue. Version 1.3 of Genshin Impact had a Lantern Rite that was focused on Xiao\’s character, but this new one appears to be a little different. Liyue\’s Ningguang and Keqing take the spotlight with the addition of their new outfits.

Participate In Genshin Impact\’s Lantern Rite To Obtain Ningguang\’s Outfit For Free

In order for players to unlock the Fleeting Colors in Flight event, they must be at least Adventure Rank 28 and complete the \”Archon Quests Chapter 1: Act III\” and \”Interlude Chapter Act 1.\” This is all the preparation needed before the festivities begin. Not only will players be able to obtain new character outfits, but they are also able to obtain a 4-Star Genshin Impact character for free. If players don\’t have Ningguang unlocked, she will be one of the available characters, so no one needs to miss out on enjoying her beautiful new costume.

Genshin Impact\’s Ningguang Gets The Orchid\’s Evening Gown Outfit During Lantern Rite

Ningguang is a powerful and beautiful Liyue woman, and her blue Lantern Rite dress perfectly complements a person like her. Gold Leaf and Pearly Jade is the official name of her standard attire, but her new Orchid’s Evening Gown takes on hues of the night sky and moon. The gown is flowy and regal, matched with heels styled after a butterfly and fur-lined fabric spilling off her shoulders.

Genshin Impact\’s Keqing Gets The Opulent Splendor Outfit During Lantern Rite

Keqing\’s new Opulent Splendor costume is less accessible to players, as she is a 5-star character difficult to come by without some luck or spending some real money. During Genshin Impact\’s 2.4 update, Keqing\’s new outfit will be available for purchase at its 1350 Genesis Crystal sale price until February 14. After, it will be available for 1680 Genesis Crystals, which is roughly $30. Outfits can be purchased under the outfits tab in Paimon\’s Shop.

Keqing\’s new Opulent Splendor outfit also takes inspiration from the night sky, with subtle golden sparrow decorations and a skirt of feather-like layers. Ribbons adorn her wrists and she wears a scarf-like shawl. The bird designs are reminiscent of her free and independent hardworking personality, as a woman determined to carve her own path without the help of the gods. Her standard outfit, Piercing Thunderbolt, has some feather decorations as well, and the two costumes are very pretty reflections of Keqing\’s character. Both she and Ningguang will be dressed to enjoy Chinese New Year and kick some butt.

Genshin Impact Introduces Ningguang\’s Outfit For Free Like Barbara\’s Echoing Tales

Genshin Impact 1.6 introduced Barbara\’s outfit as a free Echoing Tales event reward that required some participation, and the requirements for Ningguang\’s costume unlock share a similar amount of effort. While Barbara\’s Summertime Sparkle outfit is no longer free, it is still available for 1680 Genesis Crystals in Paimon\’s Shop. The past summer event brought players to the Golden Apple Archipelago, where they helped Klee on a summer island adventure.

Barbara\’s Summertime Sparkle is a cute sailor-themed ensemble that suits her bubbly nature and Hydro Vision. The skirt and bathing suit combo is accessorized with an adorable yellow duck purse and flowery sandals. Both she and her sister Jean have matching summer outfits that elicit warmth even during the current winter months.

Genshin Impact\’s Jean Received The Sea Breeze Dandelion Outfit In 1.6

Genshin Impact\’s Echoing Tales introduced Jean\’s outfit for a discounted Genesis Crystal price, like Keqing. Since Jean is also a 5-star character, players may not have her around to appreciate dressing her up in her lovely costume. Both Jean and Keqing aren\’t limited 5-star characters, at least, so players have a chance of obtaining them without needing a special event banner active. Jean\’s Sea Breeze Dandelion currently costs 1680 Genesis Crystals in Paimon\’s Shop.

Sea Breeze Dandelion retains Jean\’s elegance while being light and cool summer wear. She wears ocean blue and white to match Barbara, with shorts and a rose on her thigh. Jean sheds her standard Favonian Devotion outfit to allow herself just a little bit of summer relaxation. Even Barbara\’s usual Innocent Longing outfit fits the theme of her just wanting to enjoy being at her sister\’s side.

Genshin Impact Continues The Pattern Of Free & Discounted New Character Outfits

Genshin Impact 1.6\’s Midsummer Island Adventure offered many different activities for players to participate in, similar to the 2.4 Lantern Rite event. Version 2.4\’s iteration promises lots of festivities as well, ranging from crafting fireworks for the \”Flameplume Starflowers\” stage of the event to rebuilding Ningguang\’s Jade Chamber with \”The Great Gathering.\” Fleeting Colors in Flight will run until February 12, while the event exchange shop will remain open until February 14 so players can finish collecting their prizes and costumes.

Genshin Impact continues its streak as an excellent free-to-play game while offering cosmetic costumes to encourage players to spend money and keep playing. Even if they miss an event where outfits are introduced, they can still purchase them through Paimon\’s Shop. Barbara, Jean, Ningguang, and Keqing are all charming women, and while miYoHo hasn\’t made any costumes for male characters yet, the story has shown Archon outfits for Zhongli and Venti. Genshin Impact\’s future holds many possibilities for new and unique costumes to suit every player.

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