For anyone who is playing genshin impact, who’s the best team for Razor? I have all those free characters then Sucrose, Barbara, Xinyan, Fischl, and Noelle.

Razor is a very greedy character, where he needs characters with skills and bursts that carries over to other characters, or AoE burst/skill. And from your character lists, almost all of them could work with Razor, except Noelle, since her skill requires her to attack for healing, and her burst doesn’t carries over when you switch character.

But for most optimal combination, you could try these:

  • Razor, Fischl, Xiangling, & Xinyan.

This is the “Gung ho” team that solely focused on the offensive, where 2 Pyro characters will give +25% ATK, and 2 Electro characters will generates more energy orbs via elemental reactions, which makes Razor can use his burst non-stop.

Fischl and Xiangling can summon their partners, which is useful for attacking + reactions, while Xinyan uses her skill to create shield, and make Razor more durable. Be aware that you don’t have any heal character using this formation, so you need to rely on Xinyan’s shield to tank damage.

  • Razor, Xiangling, Sucrose, & Barbara

This is a more balanced team, and also good for fighting against multiple enemies, thanks to Sucrose’s skills.

Use her skill/burst to control the enemy movements, while Xiangling uses her skill + burst to create Pyro Swirl reaction, and Razor then can just hit them using his charge skill + ult for Electro element. Meanwhile, Barbara can either help the team to apply Hydro Swirl, or she can just focusing on heal.

  • Razor, Kaeya, Xiangling, & Barbara

This team focused on elemental reactions, where all of the characters can apply elements to enemies, which Razor then take advantage for dishing out more damage.

With Kaeya, Razor can inflict Super-Conductor, which will reduce enemy’s physical resistance. With Xiangling, he will inflict Overload, which will create AoE attack. Barbara can apply Hydro, which can inflict Electro-charged, where the enemy will get hit by constant electro damage.

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