Fortnite's Erisa Skin Looks Very Similar to One Genshin Impact Character

Fans have noticed that a brand-new Fortnite skin, belonging to the character Erisa, bears a strong resemblance to Genshin Impact character Venti. Epic Games\’ battle royale shooter and HoYoverse\’s action role-playing game have both attracted massive fanbases with their ever-evolving worlds. Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 will introduce new skins, like the mystical Marvel hero Doctor Strange, and one is strangely similar to a playable Genshin Impact hero.

Like Fortnite, HoYoverse\’s ARPG Genshin Impact features a constantly-expanding roster of playable characters for fans to collect. While the title is free-to-play, new heroes are obtained by purchasing Pulls through a gacha slot machine mechanic. This gives players a limited amount of time to obtain certain characters, making them more valuable. One of Genshin Impact\’s oldest heroes is Venti, a bow-wielding Anemo character with a carefree nature, but unfortunately he has only been made available sporadically. Recently the 2.6 update introduced a Venti rerun in Genshin Impact, giving fans another opportunity to acquire the fun-loving bard.

As reported by DualShockers (via Twitter), a new Fortnite skin has drawn comparisons to Genshin Impact\’s Anemo Archon Venti. Recently revealed as part of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, the Silvan Style skin for Erisa bears a striking resemblance to Venti\’s own green tunic. Many fans, like Twitter user GenshinSource, have pointed out the similarity. Some even speculate that a crossover between the two titles is in the works, given Fortnite\’s penchant for collaboration. While there is a definite resemblance between the designs, and the word silvan is associated with wooded areas like those in Genshin Impact, it is unclear whether Fortnite actually drew inspiration from the HoYoverse title

While Erisa is an exciting addition to the Fortnite roster, Season 2 has introduced even more changes to the beloved battle royale shooter. Fortnite Season 2 will remove the building mechanic that has defined the game for years, replacing it with a regenerating overshield reminiscent of the Halo franchise. The change is meant to reflect the game\’s current Resistance storyline, though the mechanic is only being removed from unranked matches. Ranked and Arena matches will retain the building mechanic, but the change is still a fascinating way to shake up the typical gameplay of Fortnite.

Fortnite\’s Silvan Style Erisa and Genshin Impact\’s Venti do share many similarities, and the skin\’s name may be hinting at the lush fantasy lands of Teyvat. However,  it is possible that Erisa and Venti\’s similar clothing style is a mere coincidence. Genshin Impact and Fortnite have had their fair share of crossovers, but only time will tell whether the two beloved titles will actually intersect in any way.

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