Genshin Impact: 10 Best Characters To Use With Hu Tao

Split image of Albedo in a snowy field, Sucrose with glasses, & Kaedehara in Genshin Impact.

Hu Tao is often regarded as one of Genshin Impact\’s strongest characters, boasting extremely high damage thresholds and excellent elemental reactions alongside a fun playstyle and adorable personality. With her recent rerun, many players may be welcoming Hu Tao home for the first time and acquainting themselves with her kit and ideal team compositions.

Known as a high risk/high reward character, Hu Tao shines best as the centerpiece of a team, which means that she often requires more investment to make the most of her abilities. While Genshin Impact\’s flexibility makes almost any team composition viable with enough effort, there are some characters that Hu Tao naturally works better with than others.

10 Kamisato Ayaka

Ayaka\’s ability to apply Cryo damage with her sprint makes her one of the best Genshin Impact characters for setting up reactions, requiring nothing more than moving close to an enemy. Ayaka is also a strong DPS unit on her own, easily capable of shouldering the role alongside Hu Tao.

If used back-to-back, Ayaka and Hu Tao\’s Bursts can do absolutely massive damage together, a popular combo for clearing Spiral Abyss floors. Ayaka\’s Burst is already plenty powerful, doing forward Cryo damage before ending in an AOE attack, and when followed by Spirit Soother, it can enable consistent Melt reactions. Ayaka falls short only for Melt reactions being less powerful than other reaction types and for her limited availability, making her a less consistently available option for new Hu Tao players.

9 Beidou

Beidou is one of the strongest sub DPSes in Genshin Impact and is especially good at applying off-field damage, which is ideal for pairing with an on-field DPS like Hu Tao. Beidou\’s high energy requirement and more complex kit make her an unconventional match for Hu Tao, but with the right team composition (Xingqiu and Fischl are common choices to round out this pair), they can be an incredibly fun combo.

Hu Tao\’s ideal play style prioritizes elemental reactions, so the Electro aura gained from Stormbreaker is incredibly useful for her–allowing Hu Tao to easily trigger consistent Overload damage. With some practice, Beidou can be quick-swapped in to counter powerful attacks, acting as a shield for Hu Tao against bulkier enemies. Her parry also applies Electro damage, giving another opportunity for a reaction if timed correctly.

8 Kaeya

Kaeya provides much of the same utility as Ayaka, in that the Genshin character is able to offer quick Cryo application and his Glacial Waltz is great at chaining elemental reactions. However, he\’s overall much more cost-effective, both because he\’s a free character and his Burst requires less energy.

Kaeya\’s passives are particularly beneficial to Hu Tao, providing for some of her mechanical deficiencies. His cut to sprinting stamina gives Hu Tao more flexibility with her dodging and his Glacial Heart ability adds energy generation on top of self-healing to his skill. With this, he not only acts as a method of Cryo application but also as a \”battery\” for recharging Hu Tao\’s Burst.

7 Albedo

With Albedo\’s rerun coming on the heels of Hu Tao\’s, players might soon have the chance to explore their excellent compatibility. Albedo\’s Skill summons Geo constructs which provide off-field AOE Geo damage. His Burst provides targeted AOE Geo damage, which can act as crowd control and keep Hu Tao from being overwhelmed.

Albedo\’s biggest asset to Hu Tao is in the significant Elemental Mastery buff provided by his Burst, which gives a bonus to her elemental damage and reactions. As he functions mostly off-field, he gives Hu Tao plenty of time to make effective use of this buff, while also providing some extra damage on top of her personal output.

6 Thoma

Hu Tao\’s banner mate, Thoma offers plenty of obvious benefits for Hu Tao as an off-field shield. Because Hu Tao is often playing at lower health, Thoma\’s shield can keep her in the fight without having to waste her Burst for a quick heal. His shield also blocks Pyro damage more effectively, reducing the infamous damage Pyro characters suffer when lighting the environment on fire.

One particular strength of Thoma\’s shields is their ability to stack, refreshing with each use of his Skill or Burst. This allows for a player to, if timed correctly, maintain his shield for huge stretches of time, offering even further protection for Hu Tao. Thoma also adds Pyro damage to active Genshin characters\’ attacks with his Burst, which Hu Tao can make great use of while between cooldowns.

5 Zhongli

Zhongli\’s powerful shield and incomparable overall utility make him a good match for almost every character, but he works especially well to enable risky DPS fighters like Hu Tao. On top of his Jade Shield, Zhongli\’s Stone Steeles Crystallize with elements–creating an additional elemental buffer.

Zhongli\’s shield relieves most of the strain of managing Hu Tao\’s health, absorbing a huge amount of damage and decreasing enemy resistances while also being incredibly simple to maintain and refresh. The cooldown is short enough that players can keep the shield up almost indefinitely, which can be especially useful while still learning Hu Tao\’s play style.

4 Fischl

Fischl is well known as one of the best \”enabler\” characters in the game, meaning that she\’s great at setting up off-field reactions. Fischl\’s Skill and Burst revolve around summoning Oz, who essentially acts as an Electro turret for his duration on the field. Fischl requires almost no on-field time but can still deliver high damage through Oz, making it easy for Hu Tao to achieve Overload reactions.

Oz also generates energy particles through his attacks, doubling Fischl\’s utility by also allowing her to charge Hu Tao\’s Burst. Spirit Soother is a cornerstone of Hu Tao\’s best strategies, providing her with an emergency health boost as well as Pyro damage, so Fischl\’s energy production is an invaluable asset. The timing of her Skill and Burst makes it easy to chain Oz so he\’s almost always on field, providing all the energy and Electro Hu Tao could ever need.

3 Kaedehara Kazuha

Anemo characters always work well in team compositions focusing on Genshin Impact\’s elemental reactions, as their Swirl ability spreads the element it interacts with and increases damage. Kazuha has the additional benefit of increasing elemental damage for all his party members when he triggers a Swirl, which is useful for boosting.

In addition to offering swirl reactions, Kazuha\’s Burst and Skill have Elemental Absorption, which takes on an element they interact with and deals that elemental damage as an AOE. Depending on the element Kazuha absorbs in his Burst, this could either spread Hu Tao\’s Pyro on a bigger scale (whereas she usually is stuck to single target attacks) or set up potential reactions with her. Kazuha also has excellent grouping ability with his Skill, able to pull enemies together and enable easier attacks for Hu Tao\’s mostly close-range kit.

2 Sucrose

Sucrose provides some similar benefits as Kazuha, as they both offer grouping and Swirl damage. As a Catalyst user, Sucrose\’s basic attacks do Anemo damage, which can take advantage of any residual environmental Pyro inflicted by Hu Tao. And while Sucrose\’s Burst doesn\’t have the spread that Kazuha\’s does, it balances this with continuously pulling enemies into its range.

Sucrose\’s biggest strength is offering a passive Elemental Mastery buff, which is incredibly useful for increasing Hu Tao\’s damage. Because Hu Tao is a heavily reaction-based DPS, Sucrose\’s buffs match perfectly with her style and can result in massive damage output in the right team composition.

1 Xingqui

Xingqiu works so well with Hu Tao that the two are often considered inseparable. Hu Tao\’s Skill takes a HP cut and she receives a buff when she\’s below 50%, making her require careful HP management. Xingqiu provides damage reduction and a light amount of healing through Fatal Rainscreen, keeping her alive while maintaining her damage bonus.

Xingqiu and Hu Tao\’s synergy shines best with Raincutter, which applies Hydro damage to the active character\’s basic attacks. Hu Tao\’s Skill converts her basic damage to Pyro and doesn\’t allow for it to be replaced by other elements, meaning that Raincutter\’s Hydro stacks on top of her Pyro damage. While Xingqiu works well with many Pyro characters, Hu Tao uses his kit to its fullest potential.

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