Genshin Impact: 10 Best Characters To Use With Xiao

Sucrose adjusts her glasses and Albedo holds out an open palm in Genshin Impact

Also known as Alatus, Xiao is one of the most popular Anemo characters in the hit JRPG Genshin Impact. In order to get the most out of Xiao\’s inherent skillset, pairing the hyper-carry DPS unit with certain Cryo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, and other elemental characters becomes absolutely paramount to support the character and conquer the game. In contrast, pairing Xiao with the wrong characters will spell certain doom.
While Xiao is a pretty self-reliant carrier who doesn\’t need to depend on teammates as much as some of the other Genshin Impact characters, the ones who work symbiotically with his innate builds will pay major dividends down the line.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden pulls a sword from her chest in Genshin Impact

Raiden Shogun is a formidable 5-star Electro character that shares productive synergy with Xiao to become an ideal battery. To create a perfect storm of elemental damage, Xiao\’s ability to control swirling gusts with his Elemental Bane of Evil Burst goes hand-in-hand with Raiden Shogun\’s ability to create powerful lightning strikes. Combined, the two can deliver extremely deadly attacks.
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Between Raiden\’s awesome Electro polearm weapon and her Baleful Omen skill that allows her to share with Xiao the almighty Eye of Stormy Judgment, the two can increase their A0E Electro damage level and punish foes twice as hard as they could on their own.


Zhongli holds a teacup in Genshin Impact

In order to have the most balanced attack of offensive and defensive prowess, Xiao\’s Anemo wind power requires an Earthly element. Enter Zhongli, the well-matched highly versatile Geo character in Genshin Impact who can control stone and provide the necessary equilibrium for Xiao to succeed.
Essentially serving as Xiao\’s foil, Zhongli combines a lethal Geo-based polearm attack with the most impenetrable jade shields in the game, offering the otherwise vulnerable Xiao immensely valuable protection. While Electros and Anemos don\’t normally pair all that well, Zhongli\’s overall kit compliments Xiao\’s kit, especially in the way Zhongli\’s shields can reduce an enemy\’s Physical and Elemental Resistance by 20%.


Jean wears a blue cape outdoors in Genshin Impact

A fellow 5-star Anemo character, Jean shares many similarities with Xiao that make them an ideal match. Effectively doubling their Elemental wind power when joining forces, Jean has the awesome healing powers that Xiao\’s kit simply lacks. As such, teaming Xiao with Jean will go a long way in keeping Xiao healthy and unharmed.
Aside from her Dandelion Breeze and Wind Companion healing properties, Jean is a sword-wielding Anemo who can slay foes with the best of them thanks to her almighty Gale Blade, a storm-mounting weapon that will devastate large AoEs on impact.


Bennett gives a thumps up in Genshin Impact

The first 4-star Pyro character to make the grade, Bennett is an ideal match for Xiao for a few reasons. Firstly, as a Pyro, Bennett\’s elemental powers do not inherently conflict with Xiao\’s. Secondly, Bennett has immense healing powers that will reverse Xiao\’s physical damage. Thirdly, Bennett\’s Elemental Burst will increase Xiao\’s attacks substantially.

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Of course, 4-star characters are quicker and easier to obtain, making Bennett a faster candidate to pair with Xiao in the game. Once players do pair Xiao with Bennett, be sure to obtain the latter\’s Noblesse Oblige artifact, which will increase Elemental Burst damage by 20%.


Albedo opens a palm in Genshin Impact

As one of Genshin Impact\’s most underrated characters, Albedo is another ideal partner for Xiao. The 5-star Geo character doesn\’t seem like a great match on paper, but thanks to Albedo\’s unparalleled Solar Isotoma Elemental skill, his ability to support Xiao becomes quite stark.

Thanks to his awesome Transient Blossoms skill, Albedo can use the Solar Isotoma to summon Seven Deadly Blossoms that will deliver a massive amount of Geo damage across a huge A0E. Once Albedo\’s Solar Isotoma skill is activated, Xiao\’s own Elemental skill will expand to include devastating plunging attacks through his almighty Lemniscatic Wind Cycling ability.


Sucrose adjusts her glasses in Genshin Impact

Much like Raiden Shogun, Sucrose can act as a great battery for Xiao in Genshin Impact. Moreover, the 4-star Anemo character is easier to unlock, faster to build Constellations for, and more compatible with Xiao than most. However, it\’s Sucrose\’s Elemental Mastery that will directly bolster Xiao\’s Swirl Damage and give him a tremendous advantage on the battlefield.

Pairing Sucrose with Xiao will also double their collective Anemo wind power, allowing Xiao to remain in his most formidable form for twice as long. For the utmost effect, players ought to obtain Sucrose\’s Sacrificial Fragments catalyst, which is one of the best Anemo support tools in her kit.


Xiangling holds out her arm and smiles in Genshin Impact

The first four-star Genshin Impact Pyro character to be included, Xiangling is free to obtain by defeating the third chamber floor inside the Spiral Abyss. Aside from the convenient accessibility, Xiangling\’s awesome Pyronado Elemental skill is extremely compatible with Xiao\’s ability to deliver massive Swirl Damage.

Thanks to her Gouba Attack, which summons a giant fire-breathing panda, and her Crossfire skill that increases the panda\’s firepower by 20%, Xiangling\’s Pyro skills mixed with Xiao\’s Anemo wind power makes for a lethal elemental combination, especially considering how Xiangling\’s Pyro Resonance boosts Xiao\’s overall attacks as well.


Fischl covers her face with her arms in Genshin Impact

Fischl is another badass 4-star Electro character who can also synergize with Xiao under the right circumstances. As a master of sand, pairing Fischl\’s Nightrider Elemental skill with Xiao\’s wind power can cause heavy sandstorms that make it very hard for foes to see the battlefield, much less strike effective blows.

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As a proficient bow user as well, Fischl can mount offensive attacks from a good distance, allowing Xiao to fight up close, with the two covering the entire A0E in unison while dealing major Electro damage in the process.


Noelle wears a maid uniform outdoors in Genshin Impact

A four-star Geo character with impervious shielding abilities, Noelle makes a solid companion for Xiao as a sub-DPS supporter. Noelle will definitely hold her own in battle thanks to her claymore expertise and her brutal Sweeping Time move that turns normal attack damage into uncontestable Geo damage. However, for Xiao\’s benefit, it\’s all about Noelle\’s nifty protection.

Between her Breastplate and Devotion skills, Noelle can conjure stone armor and absorb up to 150% of Elemental and Physical damage, making her a human barricade that Xiao can hide behind and mount bold counterattacks.


Barbara winks and opens her mouth in Genshin Impact

Much like Bennett, Barbara\’s awesome healing powers make her a perfect companion for Xiao to play along with. The free-to-play 4-star Hydro character is not only easy to use and accessible early in the game, but she can also apply sustained periods of healing to keep Xiao in the best physical shape possible.

Beyond her Whisper of Water and Let the Snow Begin attacks that create severe Hydro A0E damage, Barbara\’s protective Shining Miracles, and Melody Loops really set her shielding skills apart. Able to generate four times the amount of healing per HP, Barabra can nurse her entire party back to health while giving members like Xiao a 15% increase in Hydro damage Bonus.

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