Genshin Impact: 10 Most Underrated Characters

Lisa touches her hat and Kaeya wipes a tear in Genshin Impact

When it comes to the most popular open-world RPGs to be released in the past two years, Genshin Impact is among the leader of the pack. The beloved game takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat, where a wanderer known as the Traveler sets out to find his lost sibling with the help of a companion named Paimon. Along the way, the Traveler encounters several prominent and unheralded characters that make a lasting impact on the narrative.
As fans continue to await the release of Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch, it\’s time to give some love to some of the most overlooked and underappreciated characters the game has to offer.


Amber touches her crown in the wind in Genshin Impact

Almost every Genshin Impact completist will attest to Amber being one of the most underrated characters in the game. As the lone remaining Outrider of the Knights of Favonius, the Pyro character appears weak at first due to her highly limited skill and burst damage. It isn\’t until Amber shows her prowess as a sharpshooting sniper that players realize how valuable she truly is.
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To get the most out of Amber, players must build their character wisely, balancing her Pyro vision and Melt damage with long-ranged sniping and charging attacks. If done properly, Amber can dispatch Cryo and Electro enemies with surprising ease.


Chongyu clinches a fist outside in Genshin Impact

As a Cryo exorcist, Chongyun shares many of the same elements as several other of the more popular DPS characters like Childen and Raiden Shogun. This makes Congyun appear expendable, yet his ability to always support a fellow Cryo gives him a supremely underrated value.
Beyond his being eminently pairable, Chongyun\’s biggest strength is using his elemental power to turn anyone he chooses into a Cryo damage inflictor, creating a large Cryo AoE that will instantly freeze enemies when paired with the likes of Rosaria, Shenhe, and others.


Noelle crosses her hands outdoors in Genshin Impact

For a maid aspiring to become a Knight, Noelle is far more capable than she initially lets on. The free-to-play Geo character is obtained by nearly every player of the game, making her easy to overlook and take for granted. However, her balanced ability to heal the wounds of her entire party and protect them from damage with her fortified shielding is shockingly effective.

Beyond Noelle\’s versatility as a formidable defensive unit, Noelle can also use powerful claymore attacks to deliver incredible amounts of damage, making her a valuable supportive team member no matter which squad she belongs to.


Qiqi wipes a tear in Genshin Impact

One character Genshin Impact players have little patience for is Qiqi, the adorable zombie Cryo who spends much of her time at the Bubu Pharmacy. Between her lackluster starting kit and easily obtainable status over the more desired characters, players became annoyed when Qiqi was first added to the game. However, the 5-star character is a master healer that, if built correctly, can also be a major damage dealer.

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Although she cannot generate elemental particles, if the player turns Qiqi into a sub-DPS character, she will increase the damage dealt while simultaneously healing her party. Moreover, Qiqi has the top defensive stats in the game, making her impervious during the most intense battles.


Male and Female Travelers cross swords in Genshin Impact

Despite being the first 5-star character given to players as the game begins, the Traveler\’s sheer flexibility continues to be overlooked. Most gamers quickly move away from the Traveler to access more advanced DPS characters, completely failing to exhaust all of the Traveler\’s inherent skills.

With undefined elemental mastery to begin, Traveler can switch elements at a whim. So far, Traveler is compatible with Anemo, Geo, and Electro elemental skills, with more to come in the future. The superior versatility of the Traveler should not be discounted, especially since the character can be ascended quickly by procuring material from the Adventure Bank rewards early on.


Kaeya rubs his eye in Genshin Impact

Obtained for free during the prologue, Kaeya is another unheralded Cryo character that is far more valuable than he appears at first blush. Most dismiss Kaeya in favor of playing as the Traveler, sidelining the formidable 4-star Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius way too prematurely. A big mistake, as Kaeya can punish foes with some of the most devastating physical attacks in the game.

Whether played as a supporting character or main DPS, Kaeya\’s impressive physical damage rate makes him extremely dependable in nearly any scenario. With the highest attack scaling rate of any swordfighter in the game, not to mention his powerful Cryo-based Superconductor reaction, Kaeya is wildly underappreciated.


Albedo holds out an open palm in Genshin Impact

The chief alchemist of the Knights of Flavius, Albedo is a 5-star Geo character that deserves far more love than he\’s received over the years. Evolving from a B-level sub-DPS to a formidable damage dealer over time, players rarely gave Albedo a chance to prove his true worth, especially when the most beloved characters like Ganyu, Xiao, and Hu Tao were released after his first banner.

With upgrades over time that include his mega-powerful offensive Solar Isotoma elemental skill, as well as the impenetrable defensive skill Husk of Opulent Dreams, Albedo can deliver up to 20k in damage per hit while remaining untouched.


Beidou grips her staff in Genshin Impact

Despite the popularity of the Pirate Captain Beidou, the 4-star Electro character remains somewhat disrespected by Genshin Impact fans. Electro characters are considered inferior to begin with due to their lack of Melting and Vaporizing skills, forcing many to avoid Beidou like the plague and obtain Cryos instead.
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But without requiring elemental power, Beidou actually has much more freedom than most players are aware of. Thanks to her rare Tidecaller skill, Beidou is one of the only characters able to perfectly time up her enemies\’ attacks and counter them with devastating blows that deliver massive damage.


Xinyan launches a Pyro attack in Genshin Impact

Due to her confounding kit and uncertain skillset, players almost immediately dismiss Xinyan, the 4-star Pyro character in Genshin Impact. A shame, as the misunderstood Xinyan can do a lot more than gamers know. As a Pyro, she\’s underwhelming, but as a Shielder and Main DPS, she excels.
Even the game designers relegate Xinyan to the sidelines, as she is noticeably absent from main storylines until The Path of Taishou quest came about. However, Xinyan\’s constellations are marked by several upgrades which make her a strong physical damage dealer as a DPS, including a whopping 100% Crit rate at C2. Xinyan can also be a great Shielder if built for defense.


Lisa wears a purple hat in Genshin Impact

Most Genshin Impact die-hards will agree that Lisa is easily one of the most underappreciated characters of all. The 4-star Electro mage\’s kit has been short shrift since day one as a starting character, taking way too long for elemental charges to occur, reducing her to a sitting duck that is easy to defeat.

However, with the proper shielding, Lisa can mount some of the biggest normal scaled-attack rates in the game. If players stick with her long enough to obtain the Thrilling Tales of the Dragon Slayer catalyst, they will see a marked improvement in Lisa\’s supportive skillset. Difficult to use at first, the rewards for staying patient with Lisa will pay dividends down the line.

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