Genshin Impact 2.2: Biggest Changes In The New Update

The Genshin Impact 2.2 update is releasing tonight, and it’s bringing a few big changes to the game. In addition to the 2.2 livestream held on October 3, miHoYo has released a \”developers letter\” that details some extra changes the 2.2 patch is making. Even though this new update is less intense than 2.0 and 2.1, there will be still be quite a bit of new content as well as some quality-of-life fixes for players to enjoy.

The biggest thing coming to Genshin Impact is Tsurumi Island, the final island of Inazuma. This abandoned and mysterious island is home to a new enemy type called Rifthounds and Rifthound Whelps. These enemies are particularly menacing as they can disappear in battle and reappear across the field. Their hits also apply the corrosion effect to the entire team, regardless of shields. 2.2 is also adding Thoma as a new playable character, bringing back Tartaglia and Hu Tao as the limited five-star characters, and bringing in four new weapons, including a five-star bow.

A new Inazuma layout and Inazuma-inspired furniture will be available in the 2.2 patch. The layout can be unlocked at Sacred Sakura\’s Favor Level 40, and the furniture blueprints can be found in new Remarkable chests around Tsurumi Island and from various quests. The miHoYo developers letter also noted that furniture capable of playing music is a request that has been noted in feedback, though it doesn\’t seem as though it will be coming in 2.2 quite yet, and Photo Frame furnishings that can be hung in the Serenitea Pot may also be coming in an update after 2.2.

Changes Coming To Genshin Impact In The 2.2 Update

One of the most immediate changes will be coming to Hangout events, which are making a return in 2.2 with Thoma and Sayu. According to miHoYo, there are some significant improvements being made. Hangout events have multiple endings that players can unlock by replaying them, but before 2.2, there was nothing that marked the player’s previous choices so that they could choose different options to get a different ending. With this new update, these choices will be saved to make replaying the Hangouts a more streamlined affair.

Some quality of life changes coming to Genshin Impact with the new update include an increased artifact inventory capacity from 1,000 to 1,500. Inazuma\’s transport commissions are getting a boost, as the movement speed and HP of the transported goods will be increased, hopefully reducing frustration. The update is also fixing a problem where an enemy’s attack cooldown did not stop when the game was paused. The game will truly pause as expected after the update, and this will also apply to enemy attack durations that had a similar problem, potentially causing them to enter new attacks right after the game was unpaused. Finally, visual interference from special effects will be reduced for bow characters using Aiming Mode, and the Raiden Shogun\’s Chakra Desiderata overzealous brightness will be reduced to a more reasonable level.

There are a few smaller but notable changes being made by Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update as well. Gadgets that were available in previous events will be available for purchase with Mora, for those who missed out, and the PC version of the game will now fully support Ps5 controllers, so players will be able to enjoy Haptic Feedback and the Adaptive Triggers.

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