Genshin Impact 2.2: Every Character Confirmed

The Genshin Impact 2.2 livestream revealed new events and content for the upcoming update, which releases on October 13, and every character banner and new character known so far that players can look forward to. The final Inazuma island, Tsurumi Island, was also announced alongside the new character information.

While several new events were announced, no additional story quests for Inazuma have thus far been revealed. However, character hangouts are making a comeback, and both Sayu and Thoma will be getting their own hangouts in the 2.2 update. As far as the character banners for the patch, there will be two character reruns and one new character.

The first rerun for Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update is Tartaglia (Childe), a Hydro bow user. Interestingly, Tartaglia has already gotten a rerun, while many other characters haven’t. While it is a little unexpected for him to be getting yet another rerun so soon, it is likely due to the part he will play in the upcoming 2.2 event “Labyrinth Warriors.” The second limited banner and character rerun for 2.2 is Hu Tao, director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. This will be Hu Tao’s first rerun, so it’s a great opportunity for new players to get this five-star Pyro polearm user.

Every Genshin Impact Character Coming In 2.2

During Genshin Impact\’s Hu Tao Banner, players will also be able to get the new 2.2 character, Thoma. Thoma is a four-star Pyro polearm user. The livestream showed off a bit of his move set, including his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. Thoma’s Elemental Skill, Blazing Blessing, applies Pyro to his normal attacks. This skills also gives Thoma a shield. The durability and damage absorption of Thoma’s shield will be based on his max HP, and the duration of the shield will refresh if another Blazing Blessing is obtained, in addition to stacking any damage absorption left over from a previous active shield. Thoma’s Elemental Burst, Crimson Ooyoroi, deals Pyro AoE damage, and characters active during this burst will deal Pyro AoE damage through a Fiery Collapse that can be triggered once every second. The shield from Blazing Blessing can also be obtained during Crimson Ooyoroi.

The 2.2 livestream also discussed the details of Thoma’s Passive Talents. The first will give the player a 20% chance to receive double the catch while fishing in Inazuma. His second Passive Talent increasing the active character’s shield strength by 5% for six seconds. Thoma’s third Passive increases the damage of his Elemental Burst by 1.5% of his max HP, so players will want to make sure to build Thoma’s HP.

Information on Thoma’s Talent and Ascension Materials have yet to be revealed, but will likely be revealed closer to his release. Going off of the usual three-week length for Genshin Impact’s character banners, players can expect to see Tartaglia’s banner on or around October 13, and Hu Tao’s and Thoma’s banner early November.

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