Genshin Impact 2.2: What Thoma's Release Date Is

Version 2.2 of Genshin Impact has arrived with new weapons, limited-time events, and character Banner reruns – but Thoma is thus far not playable in the free-to-play RPG. So far, though, Thoma is the only new playable character confirmed for Genshin Impact 2.2, and many fans are eagerly awaiting his arrival in-game. Here\’s when fans should expect Thoma\’s release date in Genshin Impact.

The 2.2 update kicked off with a Tartaglia Banner rerun in Genshin Impact. This is the third time Tartaglia/Childe has had his Banner in-game, and it means players will have to wait a bit longer for Thoma\’s release date. Thoma is a polearm user with the Pyro Vision, and he\’s a 4-star character – which means he won\’t star on his own Banner but will instead accompany a 5-star character. In this case for Version 2.2, Thoma is appearing in Genshin Impact on Hu Tao\’s Banner rerun.

Although he isn\’t playable yet, Thoma is already featured in the Inazuma portions of Genshin Impact. He was introduced as an NPC in Version 2.0, and thanks to \”A Housekeeper\’s Daily Chores,\” Thoma now has a Hangout Event in Version 2.2. In a few weeks, he\’ll be joining the ever-growing roster of playable characters as well. Although there\’s no official release date for Thoma yet, given developer miHoYo\’s past Banner releases, it\’s fairly easy to predict when he\’ll become playable.

Genshin Impact: When Thoma\’s Banner Release Date Is In Version 2.2

Players should expect Thoma\’s release date to be November 2, 2021, in Genshin Impact. Although, depending on time zones and region, this may be November 3 for some fans. This means Thoma\’s and Hu Tao\’s Banner will appear about three weeks after Tartaglia\’s Banner rerun. If this is a typical Banner schedule for Version 2.2, it will be the final character Banner to finish up the 2.2 content.

miHoYo has been known to throw surprises at players before, so there\’s always the chance another character Banner will show up in 2.2 before it ends. Hu Tao herself was a surprise new character in Version 1.3, even though she wasn\’t announced during the livestream for that update. Despite this, it\’s still likely Thoma will be playable in Genshin Impact starting on November 2, even if another Banner drops as a surprise in the coming weeks.

Thoma has remained a popular character in Genshin Impact fandom, so even if a 4-star character seems underwhelming as the only new one in Version 2.2, there will likely be many fans trying to pull for him through the Wish system. And since he\’s a 4-star character, his pull rate in Genshin Impact is a bit better than a 5-star character\’s chances would be. For those eager to pull for Thoma, he should arrive on Hu Tao\’s Banner in early November.

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