Genshin Impact 2.3 Character Banner Reruns: Is Albedo Or Eula Better

Following its most recent 2.3 Livestream, Genshin Impact announces the return of two familiar 5-Star characters – Geo swordsman Albedo and Cryo claymore-user Eula – with the premiere of a new Wishing system that hosts two concurrent event Banners, and many players are unsure of which character to spend Primogems on. Though this new system allows more character reruns to cycle more efficiently, players are at the risk of having two valuable characters run at the same time. Since the concurrent Banners share Wish pity, it may be difficult to achieve both characters without saving Primogems or purchasing in-game currency.

Considering Banners are limited-time events, players often take advantage of the boosted pull rates for characters. There are many factors that can play a role in choosing which characters to pull, such as character aesthetic, strength, skills, and contribution to team composition. Albedo is best used as a sub-DPS or support, while Eula functions as a powerful DPS. Players need to consider their existing team compositions, playstyle, and level of resource investment when deciding. Albedo and Eula are two completely different characters with their own strengths, and they fulfill different roles.

Mondstadt’s chief alchemist, Albedo, was last featured on a Banner in Genshin Impact’s 1.2 update along with the release of the snow-covered Dragonspine region. He has made a few appearances since then, such as the \”Golden Apple Archipelago\” summer event, and he has now returned to lead version 2.3’s main event, \”Shadows Amidst Snowstorms.\” Eula – the Spindrift Knight – was introduced in Version 1.5 as Captain of the Reconnaissance Company tasked with tracking down the Abyss Order. Although, in the 2.3 update, Eula joins the traveler as they investigate the mysteries surrounding Dragonspine and the man that inhabits it.

Genshin Impact: Albedo Is All About Geo Support & Sub-DPS

Genshin Impact\’s Albedo is a valuable 5-Star character due to the fact that he is a highly flexible Geo unit. This means that he works well in many compositions, aiding the damage and particle generation of the entire team both off and on the field. Many players utilize Albedo in a Geo resonance composition in Genshin Impact – a team with at least one other Geo character alongside Albedo – along with two characters that can create elemental reactions, such as the vaporize duo of Hu Tao and Xingqiu. He does well in ensuring damage boosts for the team’s DPS as well as keeping their bursts charged and ready.

With many different playstyles, Albedo is able to adapt to the player’s specific needs or preferences. As his Elemental Skill and Burst are both very powerful, he can be built to supplement any team, whether prioritized with defense as a support character or with high CRIT DMG and CRIT Rate to act as a capable sub-DPS. Upon using his Elemental Burst, Albedo deals a large amount of damage on the field and grants elemental mastery – which aids elemental reaction damage in Genshin Impact – to his party members when he is off the field. This makes him an optimal unit in any of the roles that he may need to fill.

Albedo is a character who does not require high levels of investment in order to be viable to a team, meaning he does not need perfect Artifacts or weapons to perform well. This is good news for newer players who do not have the same resources as late-game players. Genshin Impact\’s version 2.3 will be giving Albedo a buff along with a new event sword, the Cinnabar Spindle. This is another free-to-play option that works well with Albedo, in addition to the 3-Star Harbinger of Dawn. This new weapon along with the addition of the Husk of Opulent Dreams Artifact set – whose 4-piece set gives both a defense and Geo damage bonus – ensures that players who pull for Albedo will be set up for success in the upcoming update.

Genshin Impact: Eula Is A DPS/Hyper Carry Character

Cryo claymore-user Eula is a character with powerful DPS attacks in Genshin Impact and is often referred to as a Hyper Carry – which means she is able to output enough damage to carry the rest of her team should they be underdeveloped. Her large numbers come from her hard-hitting normal attacks and her elemental skill, which decreases the physical resistance of her enemies. The majority of her damage comes from her Elemental Burst, namely when her Lightfall sword builds enough stacks to unleash its single, powerful hit. Eula’s Elemental Burst remains one of the highest scaling attacks in Genshin Impact.

Because Eula is a powerful single unit, she works well for free-to-play players who may not have certain characters from previous limited-time Banners. While other DPS characters may need rare characters such as Bennett or Venti to act as support, Eula only requires a Cryo character that can assist in particle generation and an Electro character that can multiply her damage with the Superconduct reaction. Thanks to her ability to easily finish off opponents within one or two hits from her Burst, Eula is extremely useful in defeating boss opponents or challenging Genshin Impact\’s Spiral Abyss.

Eula’s strength is highly dependent on investment. This means that her potential as one of Genshin Impact’s strongest DPS characters is determined based on perfect, farmed Artifacts, a strong weapon, and high Talent levels in addition to her own character level. High investment characters are often sought after by late-game players who already have the resources to pour into new characters. However, newer players may not have the same resources to bring Eula to her max potential. While Eula may still be a decent unit at low investment, her damage output may not reach expectations considering her role as a DPS.

Genshin Impact: Who To Pull For On The 2.3 Character Banners

Players who need a versatile support character with minimal funding should pull for Albedo. With Itto and Gorou’s character Banner following in the second half of version 2.3, the Geo element is prioritized – a first occurrence since Genshin Impact’s launch. Players who plan to pull for Itto, Gorou, or both will have greater opportunity to utilize team compositions that favor Geo resonance if they have Albedo. Additionally, Gorou gives a buff to the team depending on how many Geo units there are. If players are uninterested in pulling on Itto’s banner, Albedo still performs well with characters released prior to 2.3 such as Zhongli and Ningguang, even without Constellations.

Some players may already have plenty of support characters, but a lack of strong DPS characters. In this case, players should pull for Eula. They may want to prioritize damage output in order to take down opponents, and Eula easily fills the role as a Hyper Carry. Eula is already powerful at zero Constellations, and she only becomes stronger with every Constellation addition in Genshin Impact. As long as players are able to provide appropriate funding and investment, Eula will be able to pull the weight of a team of sub-tier characters, or act as a strong solo unit with minimal support.

Deciding which character to pull for is highly dependent on the player and their individual needs. It is important to note that Albedo and Eula are both very valuable characters who serve different roles in a team, and they perform their roles competently. Regardless of what rerun character Genshin Impact players ultimately choose, they will undoubtedly be adding an invaluable asset to their team.

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