Genshin Impact 2.3: Where The Story May Go After The Inazuma Update

The forthcoming release of Genshin Impact Version 2.3 opens possibilities of events that may occur in the future storyline of Inazuma and Genshin Impact in general. Typically, when a new update in Genshin Impact arrives, new story quests are added. Moreover, with the addition of Tsurumi Island in 2.2, various quests and events will better predict the importance of the nation of Inazuma in the Traveler\’s journey.

In previous Archon and Story Quests, Genshin Impact\’s Traveler has gone through several encounters with Teyvat\’s many factions. The Traveler has helped the resistance battle against the Vision Hunt Decree, confronted Raiden Ei and her pursuit of eternity, and assisted the Sangonomiya in investigating the truth about claims that the Fatui and Tenryou Commission are conspiring. With the number of events that happened, it can be hard to determine where the story in Inazuma is heading next.

After every major quest in Genshin Impact, the storyline usually leads to missions that allow the opening of additional Domains and areas. Likewise, major regions in Inazuma are all finally added after the Archon quest and some story quests. The newly added islands in Inazuma and the series of events that have recently occurred may have hints and indications of the overall storyline that comes after.

Genshin Impact: Tsurumi Island\’s Additional World Quests

In Genshin Impact Version 2.2, players were introduced to the mysterious Tsurumi island – the final major island unveiled in the nation of Inazuma. Given that the strange misty island is loaded with the history of Teyvat\’s ancient civilization, there could be additional world quests focusing on the origins of the island to be revealed after 2.3 (which focuses on both Inazuma and a return to the Dragonspine region). Even though there are already several quests and events dedicated to highlighting the story behind Tsurumi island, like those of the \”Through the Mists\” World Quest series, there are still certain aspects of the island\’s history that remain a mystery – including its relation with Khaenri\’ah and Celestia.

Tsurumi Island, like any other island in Inazuma, is surrounded by hidden puzzles to be solved that could be available in future quest series. Completing these puzzles may not only provide rewards but also additional information about the island\’s origin. Nonetheless, discoveries regarding Genshin Impact\’s Tsurumi Island are just one of the narratives to anticipate in upcoming updates as there is still a great deal of confusion about other, smaller islands in Inazuma.

Genshin Impact: Enkanomiya Quests

Enkanomiya, formerly known as Byakuya no Kuni, is a hidden place located in Watatsumi Island that can be accessed through a deep pool near the Sangonomiya Shrine in Genshin Impact. Enkanomiya is where the citizens of Watatsumi Island originated. The legends surrounding Enkanomiya were first mentioned in \”The Moon-Bathed Deep\” World Quest series in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update.

Due to the depth of Byakuya no Kuni, the place mainly lacks sunlight. Residents of Byakuya no Kuni rely on the meager light of the Oohirume no Omikoshi, the god who protected the people of Enkanomiya from the terrors of the Dragonheir of the Depths. While Enkanomiya has not been visited for many years due to the barrier that separates it from Watatsumi Island in Genshin Impact, there is a single way to access the hidden place. Goshou Rocks serve as the five nodes of the barrier that separates Sangonomiya and Enkanomiya. The five seals must be destroyed in order to dispel the barrier and enter Enkanomiya.

After completing the \”Heart of Watatsumi\” quest, the last mission in \”The Moon-Bathed Deep\” quest series, Traveler obtains the Key of the Moon-Bathed deep upon breaking the final seal. The Key of the Moon-Bathed deep is significant in unlocking the entrance to Enkanomiya. Once the Divine priestess, Genshin Impact\’s Sangonomiya Kokomi, approves and the spirit vein flow is corrected, Travelers and the NPC Tsuyuko will be able to head down to Enkanomiya. Knowing that the possibility of exploring Enkanomiya is high, the accomplishment of this quest may be an implication that the future story will center on exploring Enkanomiya – or it could be a new Domain to be opened for obtaining new Artifacts.

Genshin Impact: Preparation For Sumeru

In the \”Omnipresence Over Mortal\” Archon quest, Yae Miko promised the Traveler to use all her resources and seek help from Ayato\’s people in the Shuumatsuban to investigate the Traveler\’s lost twin sibling. Regarding this scene, the storyline after 2.3 might develop into an introduction to Ayato and the Shuumatsuban. After promising to help the Traveler, Yae Miko suggested Sumeru as the Traveler\’s next destination as it is the most convenient. She then elaborates on the suggestion by providing details on Sumeru\’s culture and archon.

Sumeru, one of the seven nations in Teyvat, was reported in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview to be the next explorable nation after Inazuma prior to Genshin Impact\’s launch. Sumeru is a nation filled with deserts and forests governed by Lesser Lord Kusanali – the God of Wisdom. In earlier quests, the Traveler has already run into a few scholars from Sumeru including the Librarian of the Knights of Favonius in Mondstadt, Genshin Impact\’s Lisa Minci, and the NPC named Sayid. Story quests focused around preparing for a trip to the sandy region of Sumeru might be approaching soon now that Sumeru has been added to the Traveler\’s itinerary.

The storyline in Inazuma is only beginning to develop as there are still more updates to come before the story continues to Sumeru. Considering that there are still Inazuman characters left unplayable, it would take a few months before Genshin Impact is updated for the Traveler to leave Inazuma. Moreover, with the further investigation of the whereabouts of the Traveler\’s long-lost sibling as mentioned by Yae Miko, there might be a chapter in the Inazuma storyline comparable with the previous \”We Will Be Reunited\” Archon Quest in Genshin Impact Version 1.4.

Overall, the succeeding story in Genshin Impact is still uncertain as there are no official drafts and sources released at the moment. While the Genshin Impact manga and lore archives provide some ideas of where the plot may continue, the material from these sources is not aligned with the Traveler\’s current story timeline, making the comparison between timelines confusing for some. Genshin Impact fan theories regarding the lost sibling\’s whereabouts and significance of Sumeru remain mostly unconfirmed speculations.

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