Genshin Impact 2.4: Should Players Pull For Shenhe Or Xiao

miHoYo previously introduced simultaneous Banners in Genshin Impact, which featured two different 5-star characters players can choose to pull for. Gamers initially thought the double Banners are specifically for returning characters because there was only one Banner for Arataki Itto. The Version 2.4 livestream, however, confirmed that the new 5-star character Shenhe and a returning character Xiao will both have Banners at the same time during the update. Players will now have to choose between two incredible characters and many gamers may be unsure of who to pull for.

Having double Banners in Genshin Impact has its benefits. 5-star characters are cycled through a lot faster, allowing players to pull for desired characters without having to wait long periods of time. On the other hand, by featuring two different 5-star units at the same time, gamers will have less time to save Primogems. Double Banners can hurt free-to-play players the most as there is a limit to the amount of Primogems an individual can obtain in the game.

One of the five Yakshas of Liyue, Xiao is an Adeptus and was first released as a playable character during Genshin Impact\’s Version 1.3 update. Afterward, Xiao made small appearances throughout different events and stories in the game. Until the release of the Version 2.4 patch, Xiao had never returned on Wishes during previous updates, unlike several other characters that had rerun Banners in Genshin Impact. Shenhe is an exorcist and a disciple of the Adeptus Cloud Retainer. Introduced as a new character within the story, Shenhe will play an important role in the upcoming Lantern Rite Festival Event.

Shenhe Is A Cryo And Physical Supporter In Genshin Impact

Shenhe\’s Talents are a combination of dealing Cryo damage to enemies while increasing damage for allies. She has the ability to enhance Cryo damage, which scales to her ATK stats making Shenhe a strong supporter for main Cryo damage dealers like Aloy, Ayaka, and Ganyu. Her Elemental Burst Talent, Divine Maiden\’s Deliverance, creates a field that decreases the enemy\’s Cryo and Physical damage resistance allowing sub-DPS characters like Kaeya and Chongyun to deal even more damage. Furthermore, because Shenhe can decrease Physical damage resistance, Eula in Genshin Impact is the most compatible ally as she relies on both Cryo and Physical damage.

Shenhe\’s abilities can consistently apply Cryo status to enemies, allowing other allies to trigger Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact more easily. Melt combinations involving Cryo and Pyro are considered one of the strongest reactions in the game. Physical-focused damage dealers will also benefit when adding Electro Vision users to the party as the Superconduct reactions reduce the enemy\’s Physical defense status. This will increase Shenhe\’s own Normal Attack damage despite not being the main DPS.

When using Shenhe in battle, players will want to switch her on and off the field. Her role is similar to Rosaria in Genshin Impact, a support DPS character that primarily focuses on using Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst to deal damage and enhance other party members. Until newer Artifacts are released, Shenhe benefits most from types of equipment that increase her Cryo or Burst damage. A combination of using the 2-piece Blizzard Strayer and 2-piece Noblesse Oblige will increase her Elemental Burst damage significantly. Likewise, equipping the 2-piece Gladiator and Reminiscence will raise Shenhe\’s ATK stats, further increasing support for allies.

Xiao Is A Burst Anemo Damage Dealer In Genshin Impact

Xiao, known as the Mountain Demon, was sent by Morax to defend Liyue from demonic spirits. He is considered one of the strongest DPS characters in the game and was highly anticipated before his release. Xiao in Genshin Impact relies on his Elemental Burst known as Bane of All Evil, which puts him into a state that enhances his stats in order to deal high AOE Anemo damage to enemies. When using his Elemental Burst, Xiao will continuously lose health until the duration of the skill is over. This life drain drawback forces players to use certain allies to prevent Xiao from falling in battle.

Xiao will rely on support characters mainly healers like Bennett, Barbara, or Diona to help keep his health from dropping too low. Energy Recharge is also very important for Xiao; therefore, other Anemo support characters like Jean or Sayu in Genshin Impact who can generate Anemo particles in combat will make his Elemental Burst more consistent. Players must focus on increasing Xiao\’s offensive stats specifically his ATK percentage, Crit rate, and Crit damage.

The best Artifacts for Xiao in Genshin Impact would be the 2-piece Viridescent Venerer as it\’ll increase his Anemo damage, and an 18% ATK stat boosts such as the Gladiator\’s Finale or Shimenawa\’s Reminiscence. Xiao\’s role within the team is to use his Elemental Skill to generate Anemo particles to charge his Elemental Burst. When ready, Xiao uses his Burst state to constantly deal plunging Anemo AOE damage to surrounding enemies making a great asset in timed battles like the Spiral Abyss.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Banners: Is Shenhe Or Xiao Better

Players who already own strong Cryo characters in Genshin Impact should attempt to pull for Shenhe. She excels as a Cryo supporter who can strengthen Cryo-focused teams in a similar way Gorou strengthens Geo teams. With Shenhe in the party, gamers will see vast improvements in damage and Cryo applications. A problem players may face when using Shenhe in battle is her niche role because most of her supportive Talents won\’t benefit allies outside the ice element. If players do not have any Cryo DPS characters, then it\’ll be more beneficial to save Primogems as her role is quite strict.

If players are looking for a strong DPS character in Genshin Impact, Xiao will be the perfect ally. Compared to Shenhe, Xiao isn\’t restricted to a specific niche as he can be placed into any team. He\’s also very simple to use in combat, but gamers will need to invest heavily into making him strong. As the main DPS, Xiao\’s skills need to be high otherwise players will lose out on potential damages. Maxing Talents will take a lot of resources forcing players to use most items and Moras to enhance Xiao.

Pulling for a specific character relies on many factors such as the characters and types of equipment the player already owns. Shenhe is best with allies in Genshin Impact but Xiao can deal more damage than her. Both characters are strong and fulfill different roles. It depends on what the player needs or wants, but both characters in Genshin Impact will no doubt be a valuable asset.

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