Genshin Impact 2.4 Tier List for January 2022

Genshin Impact got its 2.4 update very recently and with it came some changes to the meta. The game currently has 46 playable characters with the arrival of Shenhe and Yun Jin, selecting better characters can be quite difficult from this huge pool of units. So here we bring our Genshin Impact 2.4 tier list, ranking them from best to worst based on overall aspects and power.

Table Of Contents
  1. Genshin Impact 2.4 Sub-DPS Characters Tier List
  2. Genshin Impact 2.4 Best Sub-DPS Characters
  3. Genshin Impact 2.4 Main-DPS Characters Tier List
  4. Genshin Impact 2.4 Best Main-DPS Characters
  5. Genshin Impact 2.4 Support Characters Tier List
  6. Genshin Impact 2.4 Best Support Characters

This entire tier list should only be taken as a reference, a tier list for a game like Genshin Impact is not possible to some extent, the gameplay revolves heavily on team synergy and compositions. A god-like unit will do significantly less damage if they are paired in a random composition as compared to a weaker DPS but with strong synergy.
However, which characters are better for specific roles can be identified and divided.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Tier List: Ranking the characters from the best to the worst

Currently, the hardest content in the game is Spiral Abyss, which can be cleared by nearly all the characters, however, a top-tier unit like Eula for the Main DPS role, will require less investment as compared to a competitive Fischl DPS. Fischl’s Physical damage playstyle can dish out a significant amount of damage but for her to reach that kind of number she needs a lot of investment.

When given a choice between Eula and Fischl, most of the players will choose Eula. Aside from investment comes the raw power of said units, characters like Xiao, Ganyu have very high base stats compared to a lot of units, and that they have high skill multipliers. All of these factors were considered when making this tier list.

Characters are mostly divided into three types of category Main DPS, Sub DPS, and Support because all of the characters fall into one category or more categories. Some characters can even fulfill multiple roles, like Raiden Shogun who is at tier S in all the categories because of her kit

Genshin Impact 2.4 Sub-DPS Characters Tier List

This tier list is for the best characters that deal passive damage or one single hit of massive damage. Passive damage skills are those persistent skills that deal damage even when the character is not on the field, the best examples are Xiangling and Xingqiu. Single hits are the bursts of characters like Childe, Mona, Hu Tao, etc.

Tier Name Element Role
S Raiden Shogun Electro Burst-DPS Overtime
S Xingqiu Hydro Burst-DPS Overtime
S Xiangling Pyro Burst-DPS Overtime
A Mona Hydro Burst-DPS Single
A Fischl Electro Burst-DPS Overtime
A Shenhe Cryo Burst-DPS Overtime
A Beidou Electro Burst-DPS Overtime
A Ganyu Cryo Burst-DPS Overtime
A Ayaka Cryo Burst-DPS Overtime
A Venti Anemo Burst-DPS Overtime
A Kazuha Anemo Burst-DPS Overtime
A Albedo Geo Burst-DPS Single
A Childe Hydro Burst-DPS Single
A Zhongli Geo Burst-DPS Single
A Jean Anemo Burst-DPS Overtime
A Kokomi Hydro Burst-DPS Overtime
A Sara Electro Burst-DPS
B Chongyun Cryo Burst-DPS
B Lisa Electro Burst-DPS Overtime
B Yanfei Pyro Burst-DPS Single
B Rosaria Cryo Burst-DPS Overtime
B Alloy Cryo Burst-DPS
B Kayea Cryo Burst-DPS Overtime
B Traveller Geo Burst-DPS Overtime

Genshin Impact 2.4 Best Sub-DPS Characters


Image via miHoYo

Xiangling is a Pyro Sub DPS character where most of her damage comes from the elemental burst, the burst has a long duration and a considerable AOE. When paired with Hydro characters like Xingqiu and Childe, she can do reverse vapes that deal a lot of damage. Overall another strong character is a base 4 star which means her constellations are easier to acquire and has accessible free-to-play weapons


Image via miHoYo

Xingqiu is the best friend for nearly all Pyro DPS characters, as he can enable them to do vaporize damage. Xingqiu’s burst skill generates Rain Swords which attack the enemy, whenever the active DPS character on the field deals damage. Highly versatile and can be accommodated in a lot of team composition, his Rain Swords can do anywhere from 3k-6k per rain sword, with massive investments. Overall a very strong burst DPS character that doesn’t have to be on the field, to deal with dmg.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Main-DPS Characters Tier List

Characters in this tier are the main carry DPS, which will deal the most damage out of all the other team members. They have the highest field time, except for some situations. Characters in this list are tiered based on two factors, their relevance in the current meta, overall power, and flexibility. Now some characters may seem that they are not inappropriate tiers, however, tier lists are subjective to some extent. And for the current Meta of Abyss, these characters are placed as best as possible.

Tier Name Element DPS-Type
S Raiden Shogun Electro Elemental Damage
S Hu Tao Pyro Elemental Damage
S Ganyu Cryo Elemental Damage
S Ayaka Cryo Elemental Damage
S Eula Cryo Physical Damage
S Xiao Anemo Elemental Damage
S Itto Geo Elemental Damage
S Childe Hydro Elemental Damage
A Diluc Pyro Elemental Damage
A Klee Pyro Elemental Damage
A Yoimiya Pyro Elemental Damage
A Keqing Electro Elemental Damage / Physical Damage
A Yanfei Pyro Elemental Damage
A Ninguang Geo Elemental Damage
A Mona Hydro Elemental Damage
A Fischl Electro Physical Damage
A Noelle Geo Elemental Damage
A Razor Electro Physical Damage
A Jean Anemo Physical Damage
B Traveller Geo Elemental Damage
B Sucrose Anemo Elemental Damage
B Lisa Electro Elemental Damage
B Kayea Cryo Elemental Damage/ Physical Damage
B Rosaria Cryo Elemental Damage

Genshin Impact 2.4 Best Main-DPS Characters

Raiden Shogun

Image via miHoYo

Even with her Element being Electro, which doesn’t have any damage amplification reactions, Raiden can deal a lot of damage during her burst. For a 7 seconds window, after the initial massive burst strike, she deals the highest damage possible in that time, as compared to any other DPS character. Pairing her with a national team of Xingqiu, Xiangling and Bennett will allow her to shred everything down. Raiden Hypercarry with Raiden, Sara, Kazuha, and Flex is also a very strong team for her. With C2, she becomes even more godly.


Image via miHoYo

Ganyu is mostly used in melt teams or permafreeze teams with her being the main carry DPS. Ganyu’s skill multipliers are very high which allows her to deal massive damage, she is a bow user focused on using charged attacks that are further amplified by her skills. Her elemental burst has a long duration which deals damage on enemies based on a number of strikes, the burst not only provides damage but it has huge AOE and can boost the Cryo DMG bonus for every character that stands on it.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Support Characters Tier List

The characters in this list are those who have any sort of supporting utility in their kit, from healing, buffing, and shielding. Some characters perform much better than others. For Shields, Zhongli is easily the best possible character in the game.

Tier Name Element Support Type
S Raiden Shogun Electro Elemental Aura / Energy Generation
S Bennett Pyro Buffer / Healer
S Kazuha Anemo Buffer / VV Shred/ Crowd Control
S Zhongli Geo Shield
A Shenhe Cryo Buffer
A Jean Anemo Healer / Buffer / Crowd Control
A Yun Jin Geo Buffer
A Gorou Geo Buffer
A Sucrose Anemo Buffer / VV Shred/ Crowd Control
A Kokomi Hydro Healer
A Diona Cryo Healer / Shield
A Sara Electro Buffer
A Mona Hydro Buffer
A Venti Anemo VV Shred / Crowd Control
A Xingqiu Hydro Elemental Aura
A Xiangling Pyro Elemental Aura
A Qiqi Cryo Healer
B Beidou Electro Elemental Aura
B Thoma Pyro Shield
B Noelle Geo Healer / Shield
B Sayu Anmeo Healer / VV Shred
B Traveller Geo Crowd Control / Buffer
B Rosaria Cryo Elemental Aura / Buffer

Genshin Impact 2.4 Best Support Characters


Image via miHoYo

Among the supporting Anemo characters, Kazuha has the best damage increasing utility. His elemental burst allows for a good amount of Elemental damage bonus on top of the Viridescent Venerer artifacts effect for the active character on the field. The burst also deals a lot of damage over time. Kazuha is very easy to build as he only needs elemental mastery on artifacts for a full damage buffer builds, his 4 star Bis weapon is also craftable from Billets.


Image via miHoYo

Bennett can be considered as the strongest support character in the game as of now. Her kit provides unrivaled high ATK% buff, alongside very strong AOE heals and can even fulfill the role of a pyro battery, to channel the energy particles generated by his elemental skill to another Pyro character. Bennett can also be placed in a lot of team compositions and can buff other characters.

Final thoughts

Although this tier list exists solely for making the lives of the readers much easier when playing this game, you can decide whether you would want to follow it or not. You can feel free to build your characters as long as it fits your playstyle to where you enjoy playing the game.

Genshin Impact is a game where you take your time and try things at your own pace. Future updates will most likely bombard us with many things to do so it is understandable that we may like to rush everything and finish the events. No matter what you do with the game, always remember to have fun.

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