Genshin Impact 2.5 Livestream Reveals Awesome New Look For Raiden

The recent Genshin Impact Version 2.5 livestream reveals an intimidating new design for Raiden. The action role-playing game\’s next expansion will introduce a whole host of new content, including new characters and story quests. Genshin Impact character Raiden Shogun has become a very popular member of the game\’s playable roster, but soon fans will instead face the Electro Archon as a powerful foe.

Added as a playable warrior in Genshin Impact Version 2.1, released back in September 2021, Raiden Shogun plays an important role in the game\’s lore. The character serves as the vessel for Beelzebul the Electro Archon of Inazuma, a powerful deity who also rules the archipelago nation. Raiden takes many different forms throughout Genshin Impact, with Raiden Shogun serving as a powerful Electro-wielding playable character. Raiden Ei and Raiden Makoto serve as alternate vessels for the godlike being, with all three puppets serving the will of the true deity Beelzebul. Through fan tributes like a Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun cosplay, fans have paid homage to the powerful and beloved character since her introduction.

As revealed in the recent Version 2.5 livestream, posted to YouTube by Genshin Impact, Raiden Shogun will soon appear as a boss while sporting a brand-new design. Appearing in the Imperatix Umbrosa Chapter: Act 2 story quest, the unrelenting enemy will assume a new multi-armed form to give players a formidable challenge. The livestream also teases that the boss many not actually be Raiden at all, but Travelers will no doubt have to win the battle in order to solve the mystery.

Alongside the reveal of the terrifying Raiden Shogun, the Version 2.5 livestream also detailed a wide selection of new content for Genshin Impact players to tackle in the near future. Genshin Impact 2.5 characters, events and quests will all release on February 16, giving players even more to do within the amazing world of Teyvat. Yae Miko will be the latest addition to the game\’s ever-expanding roster, with the Electro user receiving her own storyline alongside the Raiden Shogun confrontation. A new 5-star Catalyst called Kagura\’s Verity will complement Yae Miko nicely, and new events such as \”Divine Ingenuity\” will fill the action role-playing game with unique new gameplay.

While Raiden Shogun has been a popular playable character since her introduction, Genshin Impact players will now face the Electro warrior in battle. As the vessel for an extremely powerful deity, Travelers will no doubt be facing a massive challenge during the brand-new boss encounter. Raiden Shogun will adopt a unique new multi-armed appearance during the confrontation, though the livestream teases that the figure may not actually be Raiden.

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