Genshin Impact 2.5: Should You Pull For Raiden Shogun Or Kokomi

Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.5 update introduced Yae Miko as the newest playable 5-star character. During the second half of the update, both the Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi will return and have promotional banners where players can attempt to pull on. As featured characters, the percentage of pulling the Raiden Shogun or Kokomi has increased, meaning gamers will have a higher chance of obtaining the desired character. The Banners are for a limited time and will remain active until the event is over.

By having a double rerun banner in Genshin Impact, players will have to choose between two top-tier characters. With the limited Primogems or Intertwined Fates in the game, deciding which character to pull for can be difficult, especially for free-to-play gamers. Both the Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi can be an asset for many players but despite being strong units to use in battle, both characters also have weaknesses that can poorly affect the player\’s team.

The Raiden Shogun, known as the Electro Archon of Inaumza was first released during the Version 2.1 update. Upon release, the Raiden Shogun received mixed reviews on her performance in the game. As the game received newer updates, players began to realize her potential as she is now one of the most used characters for Sprial Abyss. Sangonomiya Kokomi in Genshin Impact was released during the second half of the Version 2.1 update. Like the Raiden Shogun, her release wasn\’t well-received but is now seeing more use in competitive quests.

The Raiden Shogun Is A Powerful Sub-DPS In Genshin Impact

The Raiden Shogun\’s Talents primarily focuses on increasing the team\’s Elemental Burst damage and consistency. Her Transcendence: Baleful Omen skill will increase all ally\’s Elemental Burst damage based on the character\’s Energy Cost. To best utilize the skill, players should consider starting with the Raiden Shogun in battle. The skill buff will last for 25 seconds allowing enough time for all allies to perform Elemental Bursts attacks. The Shogun\’s Elemental Skill will also deal AOE Electro damage to enemies whenever a character strikes a target. This enables easy access to Electro Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact.

The Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu is the Raiden Shogun\’s Elemental Burst and her primary form of attack. The Talent will change the Shogun\’s state, switching all her Normal, Charged, and Plunge attacks to Electro. One of her other abilities known as Chakra Desiderata will add Resolve stacks every time an ally uses an Elemental Burst. Upon using the Raiden Shogun\’s Burst, she will consume all Resolve stacks gathered, increasing her damage tremendously making her one of the strongest sub-DPS characters in Genhin Impact.

Aside from the high damage potential, the Raiden Shogun can also assist with Energy Recharge for the entire team. Whenever her attacks hit an enemy while in her Elemental Burst state, the ability can regenerate up to 2.5 energy for all party members having a max regeneration of 12.5 energy. Players planning to use the Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact should prioritize Energy Recharge stats in order to improve Elemental Burst consistency.

Kokomi Is A Hydro Enabler & Healer In Genshin Impact

Sangonomiya Kokomi is one of the most unique characters in Genshin Impact as she is a strong healer, Hydro enabler, and can deal good damage with her Elemental Burst. She was also the first and currently the only character to have the CRIT Rate stat fall to -100% due to one of her passive skills rendering any Crit focus stat useless for her, which concerned many players. Despite being unable to leverage Crit stats, Kokomi\’s Elemental Burst puts her into a temporary state that increases all her damage based on her Max HP. Many of her Talents rely on increasing her HP stats therefore the buff from her Elemental Burst can be quite strong.

Kokomi in Genshin Impact can easily apply Hydro to enemies with her Elemental Skill, which summons a Bake-Kurage that will deal Hydro damage to surrounding enemies at fixed intervals even if Kokomi is off-field. Doing so will allow players to use other DPS characters to trigger Hydro reactions such as Vape, Freeze, or Electo Charge. For this reason, on-field characters like Hu Tao, Kamisato Ayaka, and Ganyu have great synergy with Kokomi. Both her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can also heal all party members becoming an asset in challenging quests.

Due to Kokomi\’s unique playstyle, players should consider diversifying her stats by equipping HP% Sands, a Hydro Goblet, and a Healing Bonus Circlet for her Artifacts. Her catalyst weapon should also offer either HP% or Energy Recharge making the new Oathsworn Eye Catalyst in Genshin Impact an ideal weapon. Kokomi relies heavily on using her Elemental Burst frequently, therefore gamers must focus on consistency over damage dealt.

Genshin Impact 2.5 Banners: Is Raiden Shogun or Kokomi Better

Players looking to use Electro Elemental Reactions in battle should consider the Raiden Shogun as her Talents can easily infuse the element onto enemies. Characters like Eula who can trigger superconduct, which enhances physical damage will have great synergy with the Shogun. Gamers who possess the National Team consisting of Bennet, Xingqiu, and Xiangling should also attempt to pull for the Raiden Shogun because currently, a party consisting of these four characters is considered the strongest team in Genshin Impact. The Raiden Shogun\’s greatest weakness is her reliance on using Elemental Burst for damage. There are several other DPS characters that can easily inflict high damage without the reliance on Burst, but for the Shogun, it\’s a necessary ability otherwise her role is limited.

Gamers in need of a reliable Hydro character in Genshin Impact may want to consider Sangonomiya Kokomi. Hydro reactions in general are one of the strongest Elemental mechanics to use due to the varying effect it offers. Despite the Raiden Shogun being superior in damage when compared to Kokomi, the priestess of Watatsumi Island can offer better survivability due to the high HP stats and healing. Kokomi\’s primary weakness is her needing to be on-field when using her Elemental Burst, which is necessary for healing allies but will prevent players from using DPS characters or switching between other party members for a short time. Gamers will be affected by Kokomi\’s Burst wasting time, especially during trials like the Spiral Abyss where time is essential.

There are many factors to consider when pulling for a 5-star character in Genshin Impact such as the type of team a player wants to use. Both Kokomi and the Raiden Shogun are great for infusing a specific element on enemies, but both characters will help players in different ways. Gamers looking for durability in battle will benefit from Kokomi\’s Talents, while players looking for high and consistent damage will find the Shogun more useful.

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