Genshin Impact 2.6 Banners: Should You Pull For Ayato Or Venti

Patch 2.6 for Genshin Impact will be releasing soon, along with the first two banners of the patch: Kamisato Ayato and Venti. These are both flexible characters that could fit many different team compositions, making them both invaluable members of any team that they are added to. The flexibility, damage capability, and utility of both characters easily make it a difficult decision on who to spend Primogems on, however. Taking a step back and analyzing which character would benefit a player\’s account most is the key to deciding which character to roll for.

Genshin Impact 2.6 features new and returning characters and is highly anticipated. The new patch will drop on March 30, and on top of the characters receiving Banners, it will also bring with it new events and challenges, the first of which is called Hues of the Violet Garden. Kamisato Ayato (brother of Genshin Impact\’s Ayaka) and Venti\’s rerun are highlights of the new update, with each having their own abilities and style.

Kamisato Ayato is unique in that he can fit all three roles of main damage dealer, sub damage dealer, and support based on his build and playstyle. His elemental skill, Kamisato Art: Kyouka, supports an on-field damage-dealing playstyle, where his normal attacks become AoE bursts of Hydro damage and scale with his max HP. This is similar to how the Raiden Shogun\’s attacks become in Genshin Impact during her elemental burst, Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu. These quick attacks by Ayato are great for applying Hydro to enemies on the battlefield, making him a great candidate as an on-field damage dealer for vaporize or freeze team compositions since he would be able to trigger the reactions very quickly. Ayato\’s elemental skill also leaves a clone that will explode and do Hydro damage after the skill\’s uptime has expired.

Genshin Impact 2.6 Banners – Why You Should Roll Ayato

Ayato\’s elemental burst, Kamisato Art: Suiyuu, leaves a large zone on the ground that constantly rains down swords of Hydro onto enemies, dealing damage and applying Hydro. This is similar to Ganyu\’s elemental burst in Genshin Impact, Celestial Shower. However, a unique addition to Ayato\’s elemental burst is that it applies a buff to any character inside the zone, increasing the damage of their normal attacks by a significant percentage (20% at rank 10). This buff is very versatile and can be used in multiple situations. It can also be used to buff other characters that use normal attacks as their main source of damage, like Sangonomiya Kokomi during her elemental burst, Yan Fei, Yoimiya, Kamisato Ayaka, or even Tartaglia. Going further, it can buff Ayato himself while he is using his elemental skill, and paired with the artifact set to release in Genshin Impact\’s Chasm alongside him, would further boost his own normal attacks, making him an even higher damage dealer and a solid candidate for an on-field main damage dealer. In this role, he could be paired with other characters like Xiangling, Kaeya, Fischl, or Beidou to create either vaporize, freeze, or electro-charged team compositions that would be devastating.

Why You Should Roll For Venti In Genshin Impact 2.6

Venti is another character that can fit into many different team compositions in Genshin Impact. Since Venti is an Anemo unit, he can utilize the Viridescent Venerer artifact set and swirl any other element (besides Geo) to give the element swirled a large damage boost. And since the elemental mastery buff in patch 1.6, swirl does a considerable amount of damage itself, which means that Venti is not just a support, the swirl he provides adds solid damage output to any team.

Venti\’s main selling point as a character is his Genshin Impact elemental burst, Wind\’s Grand Ode. When used, it creates a large vacuum field that draws and sucks in all opponents and deals continuous Anemo damage (or, if the burst has swirled an element, it does damage of the swirled element instead). This is a universally good ability for almost any team composition, as it keeps most enemies in one place and unable to deal any damage in return. While the burst can lift smaller enemies out of reach of some other characters\’ normal attacks, like Razor, characters with large zone abilities like Ganyu\’s elemental burst, or catalyst and bow users can make full use of the crowd control to deal maximum damage. Another plus for Venti is that he is one of Genshin Impact\’s best bow users, and works amazingly with the 4-star rarity weapon The Stringless, meaning that players would not have to worry about spending their Primogems on the weapon banner to get a viable bow for Venti.

One concern some Genshin Impact fans have about Venti has been the supposed nerfs and inconsistencies with his elemental burst. A lot of enemies released alongside Inazuma were too heavy and were hardly affected by Venti\’s elemental burst if at all, and HoYoverse had to quickly decrease the weight of some of these enemies to make Venti usable against them. There is some concern as to if Hoyoverse will continue to add these heavy type enemies, which may hurt Venti\’s usefulness in future Genshin Impact updates. However, this issue is a small one, and Venti\’s utility and damage output make him an excellent addition to almost any team composition and outweighs some issues that he has had with enemies in the open world.

How To Decide Between Ayato & Venti In Genshin Impact 2.6

Ayato and Venti fill two different yet useful roles in Genshin Impact. When deciding to roll for either, players should take a look at what type of characters they already own, and if a specific role is under or overfilled. For example, if a player already owns Kaedehara Kazuha or Sucrose, then they already own a character that can pull in enemies and deal swirl damage. However, Venti\’s elemental burst has a much stronger pull than Sucrose\’s burst or Kazuha\’s elemental skill and keeps them crowd-controlled for longer. If a player already owns Tartaglia in Genshin Impact, then they already have a character that serves as an on-field hydro applier for team compositions such as taser (electro-charged) teams, a popular one being Tartaglia and Beidou. Ayato\’s supportive capabilities with his elemental burst do make him an extremely versatile character, however, and is a good candidate for players to roll for if they need a good hydro applier. A great thing about Ayato is that he can be very flexible to a player\’s needs, as their on-field damage dealer or off-field support.

The most important thing for players to remember when considering what character to roll for is to pick the character that they like the most. Whether that be design, character backstory, or how fun the playstyle looks, players should choose whichever character would make them the happiest. The meta in Genshin Impact will come and go and change on a whim, so it\’s important to own the characters that garner the most enjoyment.

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