Genshin Impact 2.7 Banners: Should You Pull For Yelan Or Xiao

Genshin Impact 2.7 Banners Should You Pull For Yelan Or Xiao

After a slight delay, Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.7 update has been confirmed by HoYoverse to be released on May 31, 2022. The first half of the Version 2.7 update will officially introduce Yelan as a new playable 5-star character whom players can attempt to pull for. Xiao will also have a Banner rerun and will be on a separate Wish than Yelan. As promotional characters, both Yelan and Xiao will have increased rate-ups, which will increase the odds of fans obtaining the desired characters.
Since there are two simultaneous Banners during the new Genshin Impact 2.7 update, players planning to pull on the upcoming Wishes will need to decide between the two characters. Free-to-play players with limited Primogems may have difficulty deciding on which character to pull for since Yelan and Xiao offer very different gameplay advantages in battle. Both characters can be an asset for fans, but the 5-stars will also have weaknesses that can negatively affect players during combat.

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Xiao is a top-tier character who was first released during the previous Version 1.3 update. Many fans were eager to pull for him during his initial release and since then, Xiao has had a rerun Banner during the 2.4 patch making the Version 2.7 update his third appearance. Several leaked gameplay moments of Yelan in Genshin Impact indicate that she will be a reliable Hydro unit who can assist allies in battle with her unique talents. Despite being a new character, several fans see Yelan as a strong unit that can benefit player teams.

Yelan Is A Strong Hydro Enabler & Sub-DPS in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Yelan's Release Date, According To Leaks Yelan Gameplay

Yelan\’s Elemental Burst called Depth-Clarion Dice is a consistent attack that has her creating an \”Exquisite Throw\”, which follows the active character in battle and will initiate a coordinated attack that deals Hydro damage whenever the character uses a Normal Attack. The Talent\’s damage scales off of Yelan\’s Max HP stats, therefore players should focus on increasing her health for more damage. Yelan\’s primary role in a team is to use her Elemental Burst to help trigger Hydro Elemental Reactions in Gensin Impact. Yelan\’s playstyle is similar to Xingqiu in that she enables easy access to inflict consistent Vaporize, Freeze, or Electro-Charge reactions to enemies.

Aside from her Elemental Burst, Yelan has multiple damage focus attacks such as Lingering Lifeline, which is an ability that has her moving swiftly throughout the field while marking enemies with Lifeline. The lifeline will then explode, causing AOE Hydro damage while also triggering her Depth-Clarion Dice auto-attack. Yelan can enter a \”Breakthrough\” state, allowing her Charged Aimed Shot to have an 80% decreased charge time. Despite her Talents being damage-focused, Yelan\’s passive skills offer a variety of support in Genshin Impact.
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Her Turn Control Talent will increase Yelan\’s Max HP depending on the number of different elemental type characters in the party. The more element variety, the more HP Yelan will gain, which will further increase her damage. Yelan\’s Adapt with Ease Talent will also further increase the active character\’s damage by a small percentage whenever her Elemental Burst skill is active. Players attempting to pull for Yelan should prioritize her Max HP for higher damage and Energy Recharge in order to increase her Elemental Burst frequency in Genshin Impact.

Xiao Is An AOE Anemo DPS In Genshin Impact

Xiao is ranked as one of the highest damage dealers in the game due to his fast movement and AOE attacks while in his Elemental Burst state. Xiao\’s Bane of All Evil Talent significantly increases his damage while converting all attacks to Anemo at the cost of continuously losing his health, making the Vermillion Hereafter Artifacts in Genshin Impact the perfect equipment for him. The loss in health can be dangerous for Xiao, therefore it\’s recommended to have allies who can heal or provide a shield for him.

As a character who relies on his Elemental Burst, Xiao\’s Energy Recharge can be an issue since the majority of the stats will go towards increasing ATK and CRIT percentage. Players can add other Anemo characters to the party to help Xiao generate more energy. Support units like Jean and Sayu can provide excellent healing for Xiao, while Sub-DPS characters like Kazuha, Sucrose, and Venti can help with enemy crowd control. Shikanoin Heizou from the Gensin Impact 2.8 update is another upcoming Anemo character a player can use with Xiao.
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The most optimal way to use Xiao in battle is to charge his Elemental Burst. Once ready, players need to use his Lemniscatic Wind Cycling Talent to unleash two quick lunge attacks. Once Xiao finishes using his Elemental Skill, players must activate his Bane of All Evil skill and perform continuous Plunging Attacks in order fully utilize his AOE damage. There are also two different Plunging Attacks in Genshin Impact that will affect Xiao\’s damage. With a higher Jump, Xiao will initiate a High Plunging Attack, which will deal more damage compared to a low Plunging Attack.

Genshin Impact 2.7 Banners: Is Yelan or Xiao Better

Genshin Impact 2.7 Banners Is Yelan or Xiao Better

Players looking to use the Hydro Element in Genshin Impact should consider pulling for Yelan because several of her Talents can easily infuse enemies with Hydro, which will allow players to easily trigger strong Elemental Reactions in battle. If fans missed out on the opportunity to obtain Xingqiu through the previous Version 2.6 event or have yet to pull him in Banners, then Yelan can be a great alternative. Players who already have Xingqiu may also want to consider pulling for Yelan as well since she can be a vital team member in the Spiral Abyss Trials, which consists of building two separate teams.

If fans are in need of a self-sufficient DPS character in Genshin Impact who can defeat large groups of enemies, Xiao will be the perfect ally. Compared to Yelan, Xiao will require higher investment since players will need to level all three of his Talents, equip the correct polearm, and farm for the right Artifacts in order to fully utilize his abilities. In Yelan\’s case, players can focus on her Elemental Burst because her primary role is to support allies. Her weapon selection is also more free-to-play friendly in comparison to Xiao.

Pulling for certain characters will depend on many factors such as what allies the player already owns and what teams can be built. Constellation levels can also greatly improve a character\’s performance as well, therefore players planning to whale for characters in Genshin Impact will need to consider how differently Yelan or Xiao will perform in combat. Both characters can be a great asset for fans and it really just depends on what a player needs.

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