Genshin Impact 3.0 Beta Test: How & Where To Sign Up

Genshin Impact 3-0 Beta Signup

Genshin Impact Version 2.7 has only been live for a short time, but developer HoYoverse is already looking past the next update and is opening up beta registration for Version 3.0. Those familiar with the process will know that space is always extremely limited for these tests, but as far as getting a taste of the future of Genshin Impact goes, the Version 3.0 beta is one of the best options, and how and where to sign up is crucial information.
Usually, Genshin Impact content arrives around once every six weeks. That pattern has been disrupted recently with the Version 2.7 delay, however, with the smaller update arriving significantly later than planned and compensation given out to players as a result. However, there\’s currently no indication that Version 2.8 will see the same delay, and that bodes well for 3.0, too. Version 2.8 is set to introduce new skins for Diluc and Fischl, the return of the Golden Apple Archipelago, and is rumored to also finally feature a Kazuha rerun banner, allowing those who missed the character the first time to add one of the best support characters in the entire game to their roster.

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Knowing how and where to sign up for the Genshin Impact Version 3.0 beta is something many fans are eager to learn, since it\’s one of the best ways to check out characters, areas, and other content ahead of schedule. The beta tests for HoYoverse\’s title are often the source of most of the leaks that arise as well, so even those who don\’t get in will want to keep their eyes peeled for any potential news about content. 3.0 is widely regarded to be the update that will introduce Sumeru as a playable region and Dendro as an elemental type for playable characters, so it\’s an even bigger Genshin Impact beta than most.

How To Sign Up For The Genshin Impact Version 3.0 Beta Test

Genshin Impact fans await the Sumeru region

Actually signing up for the game\’s beta test is quite simple. Travelers can sign up by joining the official Genshin Impact Discord server, filling out a Google Docs form for information, and, if chosen, filling out an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to help HoYoverse prevent leaks. Registration requires Discord ID, username, Genshin Impact UID, an official HoYoverse account, and other information like Adventure Rank and personal info like location and age. Once that\’s done, players can simply submit the form and then wait to hear back on whether they\’ve gained access to the Version 3.0 beta.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Genshin Impact works against fans in regards to its beta testing selection process. The fact is, many players will be attempting to join the test, and a very small number of people are actually chosen. The Version 3.0 beta test signups close on June 13. Those not able to join can take solace in the fact that it\’s common knowledge that leaks pretty well always emerge from a given beta test, so there will likely be info sooner rather than later on one of Genshin Impact\’s biggest updates in the game\’s history.

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