Genshin Impact 3.0: Dendro & Hydro Resonance Changes Leaked

Recent Genshin Impact leaks have revealed changes to Hydro elemental resonance, as well as the elemental resonance effects for Genshin Impact\’s soon-to-be playable Dendro element. When a party contains two or more members attuned to the same element, elemental resonance will occur for that element, providing a bonus buff to the whole team. A buff will also be applied to parties without two members of the same element, i.e. when each member of the party is attuned to a different element.
Until the recent version 3.0 beta test, Genshin Impact players remained in the dark about the game\’s upcoming Dendro playable characters. Though Dendro NPCs and enemies have existed in Genshin Impact since launch, Dendro is the only element in the game without any playable characters currently. Fans of the popular RPG game have long wondered what Genshin Impact\’s Dendro playable characters will be like, as well as which current playable characters they will work well alongside and how their Dendro elemental energy will react with other elements. Now, thanks to leaks, much of this information about the upcoming Dendro characters has become available.

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In a recent tweet, prominent Genshin Impact leaker Genshin Intel shared the previously unknown details of the buff applied to a party that achieves Dendro elemental resonance. When there are two or more Dendro characters in a party, every character in the party will receive +50 Elemental Mastery. Additionally, upon triggering an elemental reaction with Dendro in Genshin Impact, nearby party members will certain buffs for a limited period. Upon triggering the Burning, Catalyze, or Bloom elemental reaction, nearby party members will receive +30 Elemental Mastery for six seconds. Upon triggering the Aggravate, Spread, or Hyperbloom reaction, nearby party members will receive a +20 Elemental Mastery buff for six seconds.

Genshin Impact 3.0 Leaks: Hydro & Dendro Elemental Resonance

Genshin Impact 3.0 Dendro & Hydro Resonance Barbara Fighting Dendro Slimes

In addition to the details of elemental resonance for the upcoming Dendro element, Genshin Intel\’s tweet shared an interesting additional detail regarding a change to Hydro resonance. When two or more characters in the party are attuned to Hydro, Hydro elemental resonance, known as Soothing Water, will occur. When Soothing Water happens, every member of the party will be affected by Pyro for 40% less time; this will remain unchanged. Currently, Soothing Water increases incoming healing by 30%. However, the recent Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks indicate this effect will be removed and replaced by a +25% Max HP buff instead.

Though Genshin Impact players should always take leaks with a grain of salt, the introduction of Dendro elemental resonance in the game\’s 3.0 update is a given. If the leaks are correct about Dendro elemental resonance, it\’ll provide every member of the party with Elemental Mastery buffs. The news about the potential changes to Hydro elemental resonance and the removal of the incoming healing buff has definitely polarized Genshin Impact\’s fanbase. However, many agreed the change is great news for characters who wield Genshin Impact\’s Hydro element, especially 5-star Hydro characters Yelan and Kokomi. Fortunately, Genshin Impact players won\’t have to wait much longer to see the changes take effect, with version 3.0 expected to arrive next month.

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