Genshin Impact 3.0 Leaks: How Collei & Amber Are Connected

Genshin Impact revealed that Collei will be joining the game in 3.0, having already debuted in the official Genshin Impact manga that shows Collei and Amber\’s connection. Collei\’s reveal included a quote from Amber, who wants the player to give her regards to Collei. This is because these two 4-star bow users became friends before the events of the game while Collei was in Mondstadt, as detailed in the manga.
After nearly a year, Genshin Impact is finally receiving another region. Genshin Impact\’s already large map will be receiving more content in the form of the addition of the Dendro nation of Sumeru. Given what has been revealed so far about 3.0, Sumeru may be the largest region to date, and at least three characters to be included have been revealed so far.

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Along with Dori and Tighnari, Collei is joining Genshin Impact in 3.0. Collei was a test subject for the Fatui\’s Archon Residue experiments after her parents took her to Barnabas because she was born sickly and they wanted his help to save her. Barnabas convinced Collei\’s parents to give her to him to save her in order to use her for the experiments. This event is what begins the link between Collei and Amber.

Collei & Amber Meet In The Genshin Impact Manga


Though Collei is from Sumeru, she meets Amber in Mondstadt while she\’s searching for both a cure for herself and a way to get revenge on Barnabas and the Fatui. Amber is sent to investigate the attack from a serpent of black fire, which is the attack that allowed Collei to escape from the Fatui. Amber finds Collei and ends up helping her, which marks a turning point in Collei\’s¬†character backstory in Genshin Impact. As they search for Fatui devices around the city, Amber takes Collei to experience Ludi Harpastum. Amber helps Collei take revenge on Barnabas, and the now-friends are able to defeat him.

The connection between Collei and Amber in Genshin Impact goes beyond their shared weapon of choice and ability to spawn minions. Amber helped Collei when she needed it the most. Collei was first a victim of circumstance since she was born sick, but then she was a victim of her parents\’ good intentions as they gave her over to Barnabas. It was with Amber that she was able to begin her own life, even choosing to return to Sumeru with Cyno, who put Collei\’s Archon Residue into a dormant state, so she can learn from him. Now, players will be able to see the results of (or aid in) Collei\’s journey with Cyno\’s character in Genshin Impact.

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