Genshin Impact: 7 Unusual Team Comps That Actually Work Well

Razor holds a polearm and Yanfei carries a sword in Genshin Impact

A new Genshin Impact leak has given in some insight into an upcoming Elemental reaction named Intensified. While there\’s no official release date for the new element, it will likely come with the next update. As players know, in Genshin Impact, the best team compositions (comps) usually consist of a well-balanced roster of 4-star and 5-star characters who possess these Elemental powers, weapons, and special skills that compliments one another.
Teams usually consist of four characters apiece, with the main DPS taking center stage on the battlefield and supported by three others that can provide protection, healing, offensive, and defensive assistance, and the like. While there are endless combinations and permutations for team builds in Genshin Impact, the most unheralded team compositions tend to pair characters with supplemental skills and powers that go hand-in-hand.

Aloy, Klee, Amber, Ganyu

Aloy fires an arrow in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, the prevailing wisdom is that the more elements a team has covered, the more effective it will be in the long run. Yet when a player simply wants to double the amount of taunting and mining they can do in the game, pairing Cryos Aloy (Main DPS) and Ganyu with Pyros Amber and Klee makes a surprisingly strong team. Not only will it double the amount of Elemental Res with each pairing, but the aggressive and offensive-minded combo also can mount highly lethal attacks.
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Since all but Amber happen to be 5-star characters, most gamers don\’t often get the chance to assemble this agro due to the difficulty of obtaining all of them at once. Also, one would think that lacking healing or shielding team members would be unwise, but the raw power of the Melt (Pyro + Cryo) is the strongest elemental combo in the game and would easily atone for the team\’s lack of defense and healing skills.

Chongyun, Kaeya Xingqiu, Zhongli

Chongyun makes a fist in Genshin Impact

Known collectively as the Popsicle Boys, the combination of Cryos Chongyun (Main DPS) and Kaeya with Geo Zhongli and Hyrdo Xingqiu was so lackluster at first that almost every Genshin Impact player dismissed them as an ineffective team comp. However, thanks to the addition of the Dragonspine artifact, players ought to reassess how shockingly strong the comp can be.
Using Zhongli\’s Planet Befall Elemental Burst allows him to petrify characters, making it easy for the highly underrated Chongyun/Kaeya, and Xingqiu to combine their powers to create immense Freeze damage. Zhongli also has solid Jade shields that can offer the team great protection, which is why Zhonlgli\’s so compatible with several Genshin Impact characters.

Albedo, Kazuha, Xingqiu, Kokomi

Albedo unleashes energy from his hand in Genshin Impact

When it comes to the most powerful elemental combinations in the game, very few people would think to pair Hydros, Geos, and Anemos, as crystallized damage is among the weakest.  Yet, in the case of Albed0 (Main DPS) making a deep run, pairing the Geo character with Anemo Kazuha, and Hydros Kokomi and Xingqiu is stunningly effective. The three-pronged Elemental attacks are quite balanced.
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By pairing the foursome, players can inflict a huge amount of Geo damage thanks to Albedo\’s almighty Solar Isotoma Elemental Skill. When used with Kokomi and Xinqui\’s Hydro skills, the crystallization will provide adequate shielding and allow the expert swordsmanship of Albedo, Kazuha, and Xinqiu to take over the battlefield. Somehow, when playing this comp, the characters very rarely die.

Xinyan, Diona, Xiangling, Zhongli

Xinyan wears spikes in her hair in Genshin Impact

In the highly-acclaimed JRPG, most players favor building teams with an aggressive, offensive-minded attack. However, for those looking for a more experimental team comp that focuses more on defense and shielding, pairing Pyros Xinyan (Main DPS) and Xiangling with Cryo Diona and Geo Zhongli is especially effective for those farming the set of Retracing Bolide Artifacts and its 4-piece bonus.
Aside from the mighty Melt damage created by combining Diona\’s skills with the two Pyros, it\’s Zhongli\’s impervious Jade Shields that will keep the team nearly unharmed in battle. With the Retracing Bolide bonus, the team can remain shielded while increasing their normal and Charged attacks by 40%. That\’s some spike!

Yanfei, Thoma, Amber, Bennett

Yanfei wears a graduation cap in Genshin Impact

One of the last things most serious Genshin Impact players would think to do is comprise a team with only one Elemental skill, much less strictly 4-star characters. However, considering how Pyros inflict the highest damage rate of any other element, building the most diverse lineup of Pyros isn\’t a bad idea at all.
For the most unique 4-star Pyro team comp, pairing the Main DPS Yanfei with Thoma, Amber, and the highly versatile Genshin character, Bennett, offers a tremendously versatile and extremely devastating range of fiery attacks. Between Yanfei as the catalyst, Thoma\’s Blazing Blessing polearm attack, Amber\’s Fiery Rain Elemental Burst of bows, and Bennett\’s sword-based Elemental Burst, the team can fight up close and at a far distance with the utmost efficiency.

Razor, Xingqui, Fischl, Diona

Razor carries a polearm in Genshin Impact

Despite Razor and Xingqiu being 4-star characters on their own, when combined, they can wield the awesome power of the most formidable 5-star characters. Playing with Razor (Electro) as the Main DPS while pairing him with the Fischl (Electro) will double their Elemental RES, and combining them with the Xingqiu (Hydro) will allow for even stronger Electro-Charged damage. Throw in Diona\’s Icy Paws Burst, and a huge surge of Superconduct energy will result.

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The massive Superconduct result of uniting Cryo and Electro characters together also severely reduces an enemy\’s Physical RES, giving Diona the perfect opportunity to bolster the unusual team by regenerating energy.

Childe, Ganyu, Qiqi, Sucrose

Childe sits before a mountain in Genshin Impact

While Freeze damage is nothing to sneeze at in the game, most players opt to build their teams with the more powerful Melt, Vape, and Swirl Elemental combos. However, one perma-freeze comp that works far better than one may think includes pairing the 5-star Hydro character Childe (Tartaglia) as the Main DPS with Ganyu and Quqi\’s awesome Cryo skills and Sucrose\’s Anemo Swirls.
Aside from the massive Freeze damage that the team can conjure together, Childe and Ganyu\’s archery skills, Qiqi\’s expert swordplay, and Sucrose\’s catalyzing powers create an absolute whirlwind of Elemental power that is hard to contend with. Moreover, the build will give each player a 15% increase in Crit Rate, making itemization far smoother. If built properly, the immense perma-freeze power will prevent enemies from even launching an attack, much less an effective one.

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