Genshin Impact: 8 Best Characters to Use with Eula

Split image showing Raiden and Zhongli in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact\’s Eula Lawrence is hands down the best physical DPS in the current roster; capable of inflicting devastating damage output with her Cryo Vision and claymore. Eula\’s high base stats, spread of accessible Resistances and Buffs, and powerful AOE Burst place her at the very top tier of characters, and her uniquely fluid and graceful normal attacks are among the best looking in the game. Overall, Mondstadt\’s Spindrift Knight shouldn\’t be missed.

Eula\’s extremely high Attack stat and excellent damage scaling means she starts off strong, so it doesn\’t take very much to build her into a powerhouse unit. However, she does require support in certain areas like Energy Recharge, meaning that Eula\’s best team builds are made with specific characters who can give her everything she needs to exact her perfect vengeance.


Although Xinyan is unfortunately often regarded as the worst of Genshin\’s claymore characters, she actually can work quite well with Eula. For a 4-star, her shield is reasonably strong and can provide Eula with some much-needed protection when engaging close-range, and her Burst does Pyro damage over time–enabling Melt reactions. Most importantly, she gives a Physical Damage buff with her Passive, which can be a great boost for Physical DPS Eula.

Having been given as a free character in the last event, it\’s likely players have at least one Xinyan constellation. For those who have racked up a few Xinyans over time, it might be worth giving her a second look for Eula–especially given her C4 offers an additional Physical Resistance debuff.


Beidou\’s incredible off-field damage is a great asset to Eula, supplying her with high Electro damage on top of her Normals, and she can function well as a strong secondary DPS. Because Eula\’s stacked Grimhearts don\’t disappear when she\’s inactive, Beidou can be swapped in for a quick use of her counter or to give Eula time between cooldowns without sacrificing any of her buffs.

While Eula\’s attacks are a little too slow to get the most out of Stormbreaker, it\’s still worth the extra damage and Superconduct reaction. Pairing these two Claymore Captains can result in some of the highest overall damage if built well, but they do require a solid mechanical proficiency and high energy production in order to consistently feed both Eula and Beidou\’s Bursts. Fischl or Raiden and a good Cryo \’battery\’ like Diona, Rosaria, or Kaeya work well to round out this team.


Cryo Sword user Kaeya works as a great Battery for Eula, as their matching Elements lets her gain more Energy from his generated particles. His Skill is great for this, giving off a good amount of Energy with the buff from his Passive, as well as some self-healing and Cryo application. It also has an extremely low cooldown, allowing players to easily chain uses for quick Energy production.

Kaeya\’s off-field Burst provides Eula with some bonus Cryo Damage, which can add an extra layer of damage to her Normal attacks, and is low-cost, high-duration. He\’s easy to use, provides some really solid utility and Cryo resonance, and, best of all, is completely free.


Zhongli is well-regarded as one of the most universal characters in the game, recommended for almost every team composition simply due to the unmatched level of security he offers–both for the characters and players. His Shield works wonders even with a relatively weak build, and higher investment can boost its strength so much that he pretty thoroughly lowers all combat difficulty.

And while he plays well with everyone, Zhongli is a great choice for Genshin\’s close-ranged DPS characters like Hu Tao, Xiao, and Eula.  Because Eula is primarily physical, she benefits especially from Zhongli\’s additional Resistance debuff–letting her inflict more damage with her heavy sword strikes. Being able to confidently take on mobs of enemies without having to spend extra energy on monitoring her HP frees up a lot more room for experimenting with playstyles or simply clearing through enemies with ease.


Rosaria provides many of the same Cryo Battery benefits as Kaeya, but with a more offensive edge. Her Burst provides AOE and Cryo damage, which can be useful for clearing out big groups of enemies. Because Eula is close-ranged, having this kind of crowd-control available can be a great help in keeping her from being overwhelmed.

Rosaria also offers a Crit Rate bonus with her Passive, on top of the Crit Rate increase already supplied by Cryo Resonance. Given Eula\’s Ascension stat is Crit Damage, having a bonus to Rate can lead to her getting consistent high-damage Crits during combat. Overall, Rosaria and Eula\’s kits synergize extremely well and, given that they are sharing a Banner, it\’s likely players will be able to build up this great pairing together.


The Raiden Shogun is not only one of the best Polearm characters in Genshin, but she is the absolute best Battery in the game. Raiden\’s kit is designed to boost Energy Recharge and Burst damage, and she is second to none when it comes to supporting characters whose playstyle heavily relies on their Burst. While Eula can do plenty of damage with the rest of her kit, her Burst can be absolutely devastating, and recharging it as quickly as possible is always in her best interest. Raiden also provides party-wide Energy support, which can help set up Burst combos with characters like Beidou or Rosaria.

However, the ideal Raiden-Eula team is a high-skill, high-investment playstyle–requiring precise rotation timing and the mechanical ability to maximize Raiden\’s Burst. This doesn\’t mean her Energy Support is any less useful in casual play, but those who want to make the most of her potential better be prepared to put some practice time in.


Bow-user Diona is a remarkably good Support choice for Eula. As a Cryo character, she provides elemental resonance and has an extra bonus to the Energy she generates for Eula. Not only does her Skill have great particle production, it also launches ranged projectiles and creates a shield. This not only balances Eula\’s mostly close-ranged kit, but also gives her a good level of protection.

On top of Diona\’s already solid utility, her Burst also makes a field which does both Cryo damage and healing. This is incredibly helpful for Eula, both applying Cryo damage on her Normals and supplying a source of active healing while in combat. While there are plenty of characters that can supply these things, Diona does it all in one easy kit. With her handling all these roles at once, she leaves plenty of space for extra flexibility in the remaining team slots.


The Prinzessin der Verurteilung is the most cost-efficient Battery in the game, second only to Raiden in utility but with the benefit of a 4-star\’s accessibility. Fischl can provide some of the most consistent off-field damage with Oz, her Night Raven, who can be summoned almost indefinitely by timing her Skill and Burst correctly. And while the cornerstone of her appeal for Eula is her off-field ability, Fischl is perfectly capable of doing a hefty amount of damage on her own–which can be helpful in balancing Eula\’s close-ranged combat.

Fischl provides plenty of energy production with almost no effort, requiring (at most) to be quick-swapped in to refresh Oz, which makes her a great option for recharging Eula\’s high-cost high-damage burst. She also has the benefit of consistently setting up Superconduct reactions with Oz\’s Electro attacks–which cut enemies\’ physical resistance and let Eula more easily crush through them.

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