Genshin Impact: 8 Best Characters To Use With Yae Miko

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Head Priestess of the Narakumi Shrine, Yae Miko has been a highly anticipated addition to the Genshin Impact roster. She featured prominently in the Inazuma Archon quest, capturing fan\’s attention with her mischievous nature, sharp charisma, and cryptic words. Despite her unpredictable exterior, Miko\’s love for Raiden Ei was arguably the emotional heart of the Archon Quest, and remains one of the most compelling parts of her character.

Finally introduced as a playable character, Yae Miko is an Electro Catalyst with a kit centering the placement and \’management\’ of three beacons, who do increased Electro damage when in proximity to each other. Her skill requires a reasonable amount of skill in maneuvering and placement, but her kit has proven to be plenty powerful when mastered–especially due to her high damage Burst. She\’s a unique, interesting entry to the roster, and only shines brighter when paired with characters who can bring out the best in her.

Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara was one of the first \’specialized\’ support characters, functioning almost exclusively as an Electro Support. In particular, her kit shines when paired with Raiden, but other Electro characters can still benefit from her Energy generation and strong Attack buff. Her Burst is also capable of delivering substantial AOE Electro damage along with her usual buff, which harmonizes well with Yae Miko\’s kit.

Unfortunately, Kujou Sara\’s full potential is locked behind her constellations, with her C6 giving a huge Crit DMG bonus to Electro Damage on top of the Attack buff she already provides. As a 4 star character, it is much more feasible to collect her constellations, but it still might take some time before a player\’s Kujou Sara is capable of her best. Given this, a non-C6 Sara is best used in a mono-electric Team with Raiden or Fischl, relieving her from having to play double duty as both Battery and Buffer.


Pyro Sword user Bennett\’s capacity as a support is well recognized amongst Genshin players, and his singular drawback is how often he\’s featured as a \’must pick\’ for team comps. However, if a player has a Bennett to spare, his buffs, healing, and Overload reactions have proven him to be a great partner for Yae. He\’s especially successful when paired with Raiden and Kazuha in a comp often called \’Raikou\’, currently considered the strongest of Yae\’s possible teams.

Bennett is a great Support option for Yae, offering her an attack boost and healing in a constrained zone that synergizes well with her turrets. Because Yae is not a particularly mobile character, Bennett\’s stationary healing doesn\’t pose the kind of issues it might with more active DPS characters like Xiao. Because Yae is a particularly squishy character, Bennett\’s healing is especially beneficial to her when she\’s put in the DPS role.


Her flexibility and unique abilities have made Mona a key character in plenty of Genshin\’s popular team comps, like the Ganyu-centric \’Morgana\’ team. In particular, Mona is the go-to Burst Support for players looking to make a high damage team, due not only to her own impressive personal damage but also the buff that comes along with her Burst. Yae\’s Burst has proven itself to be capable of significant damage, making it perfect to pair with Mona.

Mona\’s reliable Hydro application can continuously trigger electro-charged from Yae\’s beacons, making her a strong choice for a Taser team. Both Yae and Mona\’s Skills work off-field as well, providing an opportunity for on-field time for another character. However, both characters do have high Energy costs, so any Yae-Mona team will definitely require a good investment in Energy Recharge as well as a character who can act as a reliable battery–most likely Fischl or Raiden.


While Mona provides the kind of abilities suited for an especially damage-focused Taser team, Kokomi offers more overall utility for Yae Miko. Yae is a particularly squishy character, as most of Genshin\’s catalysts tend to be, and placing her beacons can expose her to damage from enemies. As her style of movement during her Skill is unlike any other current character, players may find it takes some getting used to before maneuvering her becomes familiar. In the meantime, Kokomi can ensure that Yae has a source of healing while drifting through the field.

Kokomi is a particularly attractive choice for a Healer due to her ability to also provide long-term Hydro application with her Skill and Burst, which can enable consistent opportunities for Electro-charged reactions. Kokomi can also apply buffs along with her healing, making her the perfect well-rounded support option for Yae Miko.


Due to Yae and Fischl both being Electro characters with turret-centric kits, there exists a misconception that they are interchangeable or function similarly. This is emphatically not the case and there is almost no situation in which Yae can functionally replace Fischl on a team, especially if that team is relying on Fischl as a Battery. Yae Miko is not a Battery, and, in fact, usually needs to have a Battery. In this case, Fischl is an excellent choice for Yae, especially for players who don\’t have Raiden.

Because of the high cost of Yae\’s high-damage burst, having a good Battery on the team is necessary for reliably generating enough energy for her. Fischl is far and away the best 4 star Battery and ideal partner to plenty of Genshin\’s energy-hungry DPS, from Yae Miko to Hu Tao. She\’s not a one-trick pony either, as she\’s able to provide a consistent source of energy, Electro resonance, and plenty of off-field damage. Yae can also act as a replacement for Beidou in a traditional Taser team–which usually consists of Beidou, Fischl, Sucrose, and Xingqiu. Yae and Fischl synergize well as the Electro component of Taser, especially in single-target combat.


Grouping is an incredibly important part of Miko\’s gameplay, as her kit requires enemies to be in range of her beacons in order to function optimally. Yae can work in multi-target situations, especially against low-level mobs, but she absolutely requires some method of crowd control to be effective. Anemo users are generally the go-to for Crowd Control abilities, as well as bringing in the benefits of Swirl reactions, and Kazuha and Sucrose are the best choices for Yae.

Both characters have their specific benefits but they do largely function similarly, so the choice mostly lies in which a player has invested in or whether one is already dedicated to a team or not. Kazuha has the best grouping ability for Yae and his Burst\’s Elemental Infusion and Elemental DMG bonus can be hugely beneficial to her. Sucrose is, of course, much more easily attainable, and her huge buff to Elemental Mastery works incredibly well with Yae\’s second Passive, which increases her Beacon\’s damage based on her Elemental Mastery. Either can be excellent Anemo partners for Yae, so players can\’t go wrong either way.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden is, without a doubt, the perfect partner for Yae Miko. This is of course a reflection of their roles in the story: Miko is Raiden\’s Head Priestess, the spiritual leader for the worship of the Electro Archon, but she is also Ei\’s confident and closest companion. Miko\’s dedication and love for Ei is a primary component of the Traveler\’s success during the Inazuma Archon quest and, in fact, it\’s her covert influence that largely dictates how the plot unfolds from the very beginning–including the actions of the Watatsumi rebellion. The two are inextricably and deeply linked, so it\’s no surprise that Raiden is absolutely integral to any Yae Miko team comp.

Raiden\’s unmatched Energy Recharge abilities make her the best option for balancing Miko\’s high energy cost and allowing players to take the fullest advantage of her powerful Burst. Their compatibility is evident in their medley of shared ideal teammates and in their gameplay, both sharing on-field time near seamlessly as one charges the other\’s Burst and vice-versa.  Together, Ei and Miko are a powerhouse pairing whose companionship shines as brightly on the battlefield as it does in the story.

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