Genshin Impact: 9 Best Characters To Use With Yunjin

Split image of Kaeya and Tartaglia in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact\’s Yun Jin was first hinted at all the way back in Version 1.0 and featured in several subtle cameos following that, making her one of the most anticipated characters in the game. Finally released as a playable character in Version 2.4, the long-awaited director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe is a Geo Polearm who specializes in buffing Normal Attack damage.

Yun Jin is notably geared towards supporting a specific style of play, rather than being a more broadly applicable Support like Bennett or Xingqiu. This is a sensible trend for a growing game like Genshin, as it keeps older characters from becoming redundant and limits power creep, and it\’s likely fans will see characters continuing to be released with more unique, niche sets of abilities. While it\’s not unlikely that future characters might be geared specifically towards working with Yun Jin, there are plenty on the current roster who are already a great fit.


Noelle is a great free Claymore unit and popularly known as the only true tank in Genshin, capable of providing healing, a shield, and a solid amount of damage all on her own. She\’s an incredibly self-sufficient character, able to stand as a one-woman army against most opponents, and so doesn\’t often require a lot of exterior buffs or support. That doesn\’t mean she can\’t benefit from them, however.

Noelle\’s kit has a heavy emphasis on her normal attacks, especially given that her Burst directly buffs her own Normal damage. This, of course, puts her squarely within Yun Jin\’s range of benefits, especially if the two Bursts are layered over each other. However, Noelle\’s Normals are a little too slow to make the best use of Yun Jin\’s Burst, and the cut to Yun Jin\’s rainbow Passive can be an overall damage loss–although Geo Resonance might be able to even out the disparity.


Rosaria is a flexible 4-star Cryo unit who can work with Yun Jin as either a main DPS or an additional support. She can work as a Physical DPS, which would be her best Carry build for a Yun Jin team considering its reliance on her Normals rather than the damage from her Abilities. This team would especially benefit from an Electro unit for Superconduct, which would cut Physical resistance.

Rosaria\’s best synergy with Yun Jin is as a Support or Subcarry in a team. Rosaria\’s skill in setting up Reactions and acting as a Cryo battery make her an excellent companion to some of the characters who work well with Yun Jin, like Kaeya, Diluc, or even Zhongli in a Cryo comp. Her ability to boost the Crit Rate of her team also works with Yun Jin\’s buff to give their main DPS even bigger numbers.


While maintaining a \’rainbow\’ team is usually preferable for Yun Jin comps, given her Passive buff, there are a few scenarios wherein it\’s worth taking a lower boost. Because Yun Jin\’s Burst scales with her Defense, Gorou\’s DEF buff from his Skill and Burst significantly boost her potential Damage increase. If the remaining two team members are different elements, Yun Jin still gets enough of her Passive buff to make her overall numbers better than they\’d be in almost any other team scenario.

Gorou and Yun Jin would also gain Geo Resonance, which is probably the best Elemental resonance in the game. This would give the team an additional Damage increase as long as they\’re protected by a shield, which Gorou is able to easily provide with Crystallize. Having two Geo characters on the team also lets Gorou give an interrupt resistance, which can be invaluable for the Normal attack-heavy playstyle utilized by Yun Jin teams.


Zhongli, a mainstay of every single recommended team comp or character guide, is universally functional as a Shield Support. He is, unarguably, the best possible shield in the game and there is not one character who doesn\’t benefit from this. However, Yun Jin provides Zhongli with another potential role to play, opening up an exciting new dynamic for everyone\’s favorite old man.

Physical Zhongli has historically been one of the less recommended playstyles for Rex Lapis, but Yun Jin\’s damage buff gives it an entirely new level of viability. Paired with the craftable 4-star Crescent Pike and the extra boost from Geo Resonance, Zhongli is able to fit several high-damage 5-hit attack strings into the duration of Yun Jin\’s Burst. DPS Zhongli can be further amplified by combining him and Yunjin with Chongyun and Shenhe–as Chongyun\’s Cryo infusion will allow Shenhe to add an additional buff to Zhongli\’s normals.


While Cryo sword wielder Kaeya is great as a Sub DPS or Melt Enabler, taking advantage of his fast and consistent Cryo application, he can function well as a free-to-play Physical DPS option. This usually comes with some caveats, as Kaeya\’s playstyle is not necessarily optimized for a Physical build and it can take a lot of investment to make him a strong contender for the role. However, Yun Jin\’s damage buffs give Kaeya\’s Normals such a significant boost that he becomes one of her best Main DPS choices.

Aside from his huge jump in damage, Kaeya\’s appeal in a Yun Jin team is in his excellent energy generation, fast attacks, and convenience as a free character. His quick Normal attacks are an underrated highlight of his kit that becomes essential to maximizing Yun Jin\’s buff, allowing him to fit in more hits during the duration of her Burst. Compared to characters who technically do more damage but have slower attacks (like any of the Claymores), Kaeya\’s ability to take the most advantage of her buff makes him the better choice for a Yun Jin team.


Diluc is a character known for his hidden layers, alternating between the facades of winery tycoon, perfect gentlemen, grumpy goth, distant aristocrat, and hyperviolent vigilante. Given this, it makes sense that, like the Uncrowned King himself, there is more to Diluc\’s kit than it initially seems.

Many players execute Diluc\’s 3-strike Skill in immediate succession, which is a perfectly serviceable way to play. However, as noted in one of his Constellations, Diluc\’s Skill actually has an ideal internal rhythm that is key to reaching his highest damage potential. It functions similar to Waltz time, with the first beat being the Skill and then two hits of his Normal attack–basically: Skill, Normal, Normal, Skill, Normal, Normal, Skill. The use of his Normals here is pivotal to his playstyle and, with Yun Jin, their damage can be significantly boosted–making his full Skill combo potentially devastatingly effective. She\’s also capable of boosting Diluc\’s flaming sword attacks after using Dawn, as they count as Normal damage, making her an overall solid partner for Diluc\’s destructive dance.


One of the most popular Tartaglia playstyles prioritizes his Skill as his primary source of damage, utilizing its Hydro application, immediate Riptide effect, and relative ease of use compared to his bow. While this would seemingly give Yun Jin very little to offer him, he\’s actually one of her best choices for main DPS and her buffs can easily push him into becoming a hypercarry DPS. The reasoning for this is one of the lesser-known features of Childe\’s kit: his melee stance counts as Normal damage.

Because Childe\’s \’Skill\’ does not do Skill damage, that means it can be buffed by Yun Jin\’s Burst. The buff not only also applies to the auto attacks from his bow, which could be utilized while waiting out a cool down, but also to the Riptide damage applied by his Hydro blades. If this boost to his melee stance is combined with a character like Kazuha, who can provide grouping and resistance shred, Tartaglia has the potential to become absurdly powerful.


Electro archer Fischl is one of the best 4-stars in the game, acting as a terrific off-field Sub DPS for Genshin\’s strongest characters like Eula or Hu Tao. While her utility as an Electro \’turret\’, i.e. using Oz to do consistent off-field damage, is inarguable, Fischl\’s great attack stat and damage scaling makes her easily capable of standing on her own as a Physical DPS. Still able to utilize Oz when off-field, Physical Fischl is a strong primary DPS who can be especially great for beginners, as her attack style requires only using her auto attacks.

Physical Fischl is relatively easy to build into a powerhouse Physical unit, especially when paired with her signature bow, Mitternacht\’s Waltz, which has a Physical Damage secondary stat. While Yun Jin is great for her normals no matter the situation, her damage increase even extends to the additional Electro attacks granted by her 1st Constellation–an incredibly useful and unexpected buff. Like this, Yun Jin can be invaluable in helping Fischl do the world-ending damage she promises.


For a while, Yoimiya has been an underrated 5-star due to her unfortunate release time and her kit\’s reliance on her Normal attacks. However, Yun Jin\’s release has brought renewed attention to Yoimiya and her potential, and she is now considered her best possible Support pick. In fact, some even think that Yun Jin\’s kit was at least somewhat designed with Yoimiya in mind.

Almost the entirety of Yoimiya\’s kit is dedicated to empowering her Normals, which means that she is nearly always in a position to utilize Yun Jin\’s damage buff. Their relationship is pretty straightforward but no less effective for it, needing no particular strategy or build in order to make them work together best. And, considering the amount of complicated work that can go into building Genshin teams, this kind of easy synergy is more than welcome.

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