Genshin Impact: A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird World Quest Guide and Tips

A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird is a new world quest that is added in the new Sumeru update in Genshin Impact. This world quest is a challenging World Quest that many players are struggling to complete. And it’s not surprising, given how many things you need to do first to unlock and then correctly complete this quest, as well as several steps along the way where you can mess things up. The quest involves a fake researcher called Shefket. Here is a complete walkthrough that will help you in the completion of this world quest.

How to unlock and complete A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird World Quest in Genshin Impact

To unlock the A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird quest, the player should follow the guidelines below: 

  • The player should first travel to the quest’s location. The World Quest is located between Caravan Ribat and Ruin of Daheri, southwest of Sumeru.
  • When the player arrives in the area, he or she must hunt a Shroomboar nearby to begin the quest. The quest will then begin when a hunter approaches you after taking down a Shroomboar.

Before even starting the Quest the player should unlock the quest requirements needed for the quest to prompt. Just follow as guided below: 

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  • The player will need to use the Vintage Lyre to turn the area around Apam Woods from Rainy to Sunny. So to start the quest, the lyre must be unlocked first.
  • The player must complete A Prayer for Rain on the Fecund Land to unlock the Rythm of Water, which will then allow them to halt the rain. Towards the north of the Apam Woods is where you may find the Varuna Contraption. The player can then continue with the previous steps after this.

Shooting Shroomboars

Go to the hill north of the Ruins of Dahri to begin the A Short Encounter With A Rare Bird Quest in Genshin Impact. Three Shroomboars should surround a Sweet Flower. The Genshin Impact Quest, denoted by a blue exclamation mark, can be started by killing the animals.

Genshin Impact A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird World Quest
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The player will be approached by a hunter named Shefket who will demand the Shroomboar meat they recently obtained. He claimed to be a researcher who is studying animals in Sumeru. Then, samples of dusk birds south of Apam Woods are needed.

Hunting Rare Bird

After talking to Shekfet, go south of Apam Woods by following the quest navigation. Eremites will then be spawned when you kill the Dusk Bird. When the group of enemies is defeated, Shefket will show up and request the Dusk Bird feathers from the Genshin Impact Traveler.

The traveler is asked to capture a dusk bird in the north since the researcher claims that the feathers of the birds in this region are of poor quality. The players should then hunt the Dusk Birds in the designated location in the north. This time, the Traveler will be apprehended by several Forest Rangers, who will order them to cease shooting birds.

They devise strategies to apprehend the bogus researcher after alleging that Shefket is a fraud and has a history of illegal hunting. And the last part of the quest is to go to Apam Woods’ final location to catch Shefket. Then after completing this quest, A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird World Quest is done.

A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird World Quest Completion Rewards

In the A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird quest, players can obtain rewards by completing the quest. The rewards include:

  • Hero’s Wit x3
  • Mora ×32,500
  • Primogems x 30

That was all in our Genshin Impact guide to complete A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird world quest.

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