Genshin Impact: A Study in Potions Event Guide (Quests & Rewards)

In Genshin Impact, players will experience the \’A Study In Potions\’ Alchemy event where they select a trial stage and a floor, choose their party and potions and defeat enemies to try and earn a high score. Before players can attempt the trials, they will need to complete the quest \’Elixirs and Potions,\’ which players can begin by interacting with Timaeus in Monstadt. From there, players will eventually be instructed to head to Liyue, where they will find the entrance to the event. Additionally, players must have reached at least Adventure level 30 to participate.

There are three trial stages in Genshin Impact\’s A Study In Potions, each with four floors. The first trial stage is Dusty Wrack, the second is Sealed Ruins, and the third is Solitary Rampart, which was unlocked on January 11, 2022. This event only runs until February 17, 2022. Additionally, the four floors of each stage in order of difficulty are Subliminal Verification, Dosage Increase, Enhanced Sample, and Peak Study.

The four floors will increase in difficulty, with the first floor at Normal, then increasing to Hard, Extreme, and ending with Fearless. While the floors increase in difficulty, players can complete any floor at any time. In addition to selecting floor difficulty, players will be able to choose from two combat difficulty options. Accurate Sample difficulty will be the easier of the two, but players do not receive a score multiplier. The other combat in Genshin Impact option is Strong Control Group, which is more difficult, but players do earn a 2.5x score multiplier.

A Study In Potions Event in Genshin Impact

Players will be able to choose four characters to bring into battle, and they can choose from characters they already own or those available for the trial. The free trial characters will be level 80. Of note, once a player completes a floor with a set of characters, those characters will be placed into Standby mode. Characters on Standby mode cannot be used to fight on the next floor, and players will need to complete a challenge with a new set of characters before using those characters in Genshin Impact again.

Additionally, players can choose to bring three Smoldersleet Potions to buff their party during the trials. Similar to Standby mode for characters, completing a floor will consume the player\’s chosen Smoldersleet Potion, so they will be unable to select that potion again for the next challenge. The selected Smoldersleet Potions will be the only usable items during the trials as players cannot eat food or use other items from their inventory.

To defeat the enemies in the trial stages, players will need to do so within the allotted time limit. Defeating them faster will result in even more points. If players can defeat all the enemies within 140 seconds and earn more than 2,500 points, they will receive the gold rating for that challenge. Additionally, there is a high score threshold for each trial and its four floors. Players will earn free Primogems in Genshin Impact as a reward for clearing a trial. It is important to note for each challenge that the player clears; more enemies will spawn for the next challenge. Accordingly, it may be wise to first start with the highest difficulty to fight the fewest enemies on that difficulty setting.

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