Genshin Impact "A Walk Through the Woods" web event: Eligibility, Gameplay, Rewards, and more

Players should get ready for a busy day in Genshin Impact as HoYoverse has big plans for the Travelers’ second anniversary of their game. Developers have introduced a new online event called A Walk Through the Woods following the 3.1 version update. A Walk Through the Woods is a Genshin Impact web event in which you can explore Sumeru and accomplish challenges along the route. It is linked to the Gift of Encounter HoYoLAB check-in event.

Make sure to do both to acquire as many Primogems as possible. Begin by going to the official web event page. Make sure you’re logged into your HoYoverse account, which is also your Genshin Impact account. Choose the relevant server and character because awards are sent via in-game mail.  During the event, you can roll the dice while strolling around the woods. Complete the related adventure objectives to acquire Primogems and other goodies.

Genshin Impact “A Walk Through the Woods”: Event Overview

The event will take place from September 29, 2022 – October 7, 2022, at 23:59 (UTC+8).  Please be aware that once the event has ended, awards cannot be redeemed. Please retrieve them quickly. This event is open to adventurers who have attained Adventure Rank 10 or higher.  Only Travelers who are Adventure Rank 10 or higher before the cut-off time may use the data from the Walk Through the Woods event.

After joining the event, players can roll the dice while strolling around the woods during the event. To get Primogems and other rewards, complete the required adventure quests. You can play with Aranara in this online event’s interactive dice game and accomplish several Challenges to get pictures and adventure coins. You can examine all of your Verdant Memories by clicking the picture icon at the top of the screen, which shows which encounters you have finished in the web event. There are a total of nine.

One Dice Roll is used for each dice roll. Daily missions must be completed to acquire dice rolls. At 0:00, daily missions will be updated. Unused Dice Rolls will also have been cleared by then. I ask that you use and claim the dice rolls promptly. Dice rolls that are claimed won’t be cleared. The Traveler and Paimon move in accordance with the number of points from each Dice Roll afterward. 

Image via HoYoverse

The map has a number of random events that can be triggered by going to their location. These events can award you with Adventure Coins, Precious Dice, Dice Rolls, and other incentives. Some random events have several possible outcomes, each of which has a somewhat different reward. Certain spots in random events start interactive mini-games. To finish the event and earn the rewards, the player must take certain steps. You will get a matching snapshot after you first cause some random events. The gallery “Verdant Memories” will compile photos. To receive rewards, gather all of the images.

Genshin Impact “A Walk Through the Woods”: Event Rewards

In A Walk Through the Woods Event, players can obtain rewards by completing and participating in the event. Be sure to collect all of your rewards before the event period expires by clicking on the money bag, as they won’t be available after. Within five to ten minutes of being claimed, rewards will be given to your in-game main. The rewards include 

  • Mora x 40000
  • Mystic Enchantment Ore 
  • Primogems

That was all in our Genshin Impact A Walk Through the Woods Event.

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