Genshin Impact Albedo Fan Art Looks Like A Renaissance Painting

A Genshin Impact player recently shared their piece of Albedo fan art, and it looks like a Renaissance painting. Genshin Impact is an open-world action-RPG that launched in September 2020 and has remained popular since. The game features a gacha system, in which players roll to obtain the various playable characters out of whom they construct their own team as they explore the world.

Genshin Impact\’s art-style has captured the imagination of many fans, prompting them to make fan art, cosplays and other fan content related to the game. miHoYo, Genshin Impact\’s publisher, has made clear its support for the community of artists in its fanbase, even going so far as to host Genshin Impact fan art contests with prizes for the winners.

Today, a Genshin Impact player, 666_TRMNTR shared yet another incredible art piece with the Genshin Impact community on Reddit. The piece features Albedo, a synthetic human who captains the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius. The piece is done in an unusual style for fan art, displaying the character in a broad scene in nature that almost resembles a Renaissance portrait or classical art in its composition. The lovely winter scene is marred only by the presence of a crimson pool at Albedo\’s feet. Genshin Impact fanart of Albedo and Sucrose, one of his lab assistants, is not new to the game\’s subreddit, but this piece casts the character in a very different light.

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Albedo was created by Rhinedottir, an alchemist and researcher of legendary renown and power, but with a dark reputation. Her own vast knowledge and ability eventually led her to wreak destruction on the world of Teyvat. Primordial Albedo, one of Rhinedottir\’s earlier attempts to create life, was deemed a failure and abandoned. Here the two watch each other coldly, tension obvious between them. In the game, Primordial Albedo was envious of Albedo\’s acceptance into human society and made plans to kill and replace him. The art exhibits Primordial Albedo\’s synthetic nature and lack of empathy clearly in the stiffness with which he holds himself and the unnatural angle of his neck. He stares blankly at his own familiar figure which watches from a distance, as though daring him to pass judgement on his actions.

Although Albedo\’s character background in Genshin Impact is a masterful example of background storytelling, and this art piece takes it one step further. One Albedo has his fist clenched, but does not appear to be about to take action as he watches the other standing over a pool of blood. The gold star marking which identifies Albedo as a completed creation and distinguishes him from Primordial Albedo cannot be seen in the drawing leaving just the faintest possibility of ambiguity of which Albedo is which, but it is unlikely that anyone will be holding their breath wondering. This fanart gives homage to Albedo\’s past and present struggles and is a beautiful rendition of the character.

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